Have you ever experienced oral ejaculation?

I don’t mean spitting. I’m thinking of those times when I’ve felt saliva squirting out of my gums.

Out of your gums? I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. Is this during sex, or just something at random. Cuz you might want to ask your dentist about this.

I can’t recall ever salivating during sex.

Heh. Seriously, I don’t think you’re supposed to shoot saliva from your gums. You might want to take to your dentist about that.

Not from my gums. On occasion saliva squirts from between my cheek and my gums when I yawn. Yet one more reason for me to cover my mouth when I yawn.

the op is talking about gleeping, when saliva literally shoots out of your glands, some people can do this on purpose.

and its not your gums (or if it is you should have that looked at) its more from your cheeks.

Gleeking, first definition obviously.

I gleek all the time when I yawn - I definitely have to cover my mouth when I yawn. I can’t do it on command - that would be cool if I could.

I have never done it on purpose and have done it less than ten, maybe even less than five times in my life. In the times I can remember doing it, it was while yawning.

Oh, gleeking. I haven’t heard that term since middle school. Yes, that happens.

no, but i have experienced dermal ejaculation. usually when i am hot and bothered.

Can remember on occasion, ages ago, occasionally having saliva shoot from the glands under my tongue. Obviously missed my chance by not developing this skill/talent.

I can do it at will. It squirts from the gland under my tongue. I kind of need to “charge it up” for a few minutes and then compress it by forcing the back of my tongue down - and then I can shoot two streams of saliva several feet, like a snake spraying venom.

Naturally I don’t do this in polite company, but to my shame when I was a kid me and a buddy who could also do it sat on the front of the school bus once, repeatedly squirting the driver.

Very misleading thread title…:dubious:

“Have you ever experienced oral ejaculation?”

Many times, while yawning.

(a few years ago I inaugurated a gleeking thread) I can do it, on command.

Growing up with three brothers requires an impressive arsenal. Outright hocking a loogie was the nuclear option, so gleeking was a stealth middle. Other levels of escalation were flicking boogers, blowing ones nose on a poker chip and shieing them across the room at the victim, and walking behind him and stepping on the heel of his shoe; causing it to flip off. Then there was covert warfare; including but not limited to flatulence, but also trickery such as secretly licking the target’s plate after the table was set but before dinner was served.

Yup. My hygienist showed me how they work. There are several in your mouth she pressed one and squirt.

I, too, can gleek on command. I demonstrated once to Mr. Mallard, who had never heard of it but had seen Harry Potter. He accused me of being a closet Slytherin and ordered me never to do it again.

Can’t everyone? Everyone in the aforementioned middle school I went to could.

Yes I do it all the time during a yawn. It shoots from the sublingual salivary glands.
The only other kind or oral ejaculate I’ve heard of is when we were teens we would fake “masturbate” our larynx by rubbing the front of our throats, slowly at first then building to a pumping climax when a gob of spit would shoot from our lips. Good times…