Have you ever had or wanted a makeover?

I know nothing about fashion or style. If you asked me “Who are you wearing?” I’d probably laugh at you. I get my hair cut by whoever is free next at Hair Cuttery. I clip my own fingernails, and I hated the one and only pedicure I got. I don’t wear makeup. For jewelry, I have a plain gold wedding band, a $12 watch from WalMart, and for dressy occasions, I might untangle a necklace from my much-ignored jewelry box. I dress appropriately for whatever event, but I’m not interested in making a statement or expressing myself thru my accessories.


I would love to have a complete makeover, just to see what so-called experts would do with me. I’m not curious enough to pay for such a thing, but I think it’d be a hoot to see another’s interpretation. Even if I was so inclined, I have no idea where I’d go for such a treatment. There aren’t any such salons here in Amish country. :smiley:

So, 'fess up. Have you? Would you?

I would, as long as they asked me exactly zero questions. Because if I knew the answers, I wouldn’t need a makeover.

I would love love love for someone to tell me what to buy for my body shape. I’m fat but with no real curves, with a long torso and short legs. I think I’ve got rather robust shoulders, too.

If someone could just come put some clothes on me to make me look good, I would promise to follow their advice going forward.

I watch makeover shows like “What Not To Wear” and “Queer Eye” and I never see them hit on “here’s what fat girls with long torsos and short legs should wear.” So I still don’t have a clue.

As for hair and makeup…I’ve tried doing hair and makeup stuff but I’m just too lazy to keep up with it, so I don’t think it would be useful. They can give tips, and paint my face, but I don’t see myself doing it going forward.

I’m pretty sure I’d revert to my usual self afterwards, altho if the haircut was a winner, I’d take pics and tell future Hair Cuttery-ers to do it that way. And I might pay attention to color palette advice. Maybe. Depending.

I looooooved What Not To Wear, though I’m not sure I ever learned anything. I still shop like the contestants did on the first day; i.e., pick up all the wrong things and wind up crying.
I did do a Glamour Shots thing once with my mom, long ago. That wasn’t exactly targeted advice though. I think the folks just made everyone’s hair as big as possible and gave us bright lipstick. It was like before and after Sandy.

Makeover? Not so much. Someone else to throw out my wardrobe and put togther some number of outfits for work, play, etc.? Sign me up.

I’m not going to start wearing makeup every day and I already spend a good amount on hair coloring and hair cuts. And, even though I just received a number of rings from my grandmother’s estate, I am currently only wearing my wedding ring, no other jewelry. Most of the time I forget to put on earrings and I don’t like necklaces.

I’ve been unsalvageable for decades. Seriously, WYSIWYG; if it isn’t good enough, look elsewhere.

So, Chefguy, you’re not even curious what someone would do to you if you gave them free rein? Still clinging to that powder blue leisure suit?? :wink:

I’m definitely a WYSIWYG, but I still wonder what the movers and shakers in the world of style, etc, would do with me. I suppose a bag over my head is an option.

I kind of loved WNTW, but there was the problem that Stacy & Clinton had a very specific style, and while they’d do variations of it, they didn’t go outside of it very much. (Admittedly, it was a solid, generic style and always looked better than the things the people were wearing beforehand. Always.) Also, their makeovers nearly always included “we had this professionally tailored.” So it was not as helpful if you do not have the time, money, or access to tailoring.

I have had “personal styling” where you call into a local department store and say “I have a job interview/new job/social event/date/etc. and I’m size ____ and my shoe size is ____,” you show up, someone has picked out a few outfits for you, you try them on, and if you like anything you get it. It takes out the searching through the store part, but it isn’t customized for you. I did get a great pair of pants out of one of those, once (I probably would have given up before I found them on the rack.) I’d love to have a full wardrobe makeover by people who knew what they were doing. I don’t have the time or money to either have one or to keep it up, but I think it would be fun to see what they would do.

I actually just saw an ad this weekend for “personal stylist” services at a store I buy a lot of my clothes at. I was going to give it a go but I didn’t think it would be SUPER personal. After all, all the clothes would come from one brand. It still might be worthwhile but in the meantime, I’m too broke for a bunch of new clothes anyway.

My makeovers are more mental, or maybe place-based. Travel allows or encourages re-invention. I go somewhere else, where nobody knows me, and I dress and act different than at home. I can be a new “me” anywhere. Go to Tombstone AZ, dress cowboy-like, pass an open whiskey bottle to tourists. Go to San Francisco, wear a cheap suit, play blues guitar on a streetcorner. Go to Honduras, dress nice and behave, be mistaken for Canadian.

Cross a county line to find a whole new world to inhabit.

I’m severely fashion impaired AND legitimately color-blind. My late spouse used to be really good at picking out clothes for me to wear, but he’s gone now.

I’m actually sort of afraid of what “professionals” doing a makeover would do to me…

Nevermind that I’d never be able to keep up with whatever hair style/make-up/color scheme they choose for me, the first thing any of those types ever do when I get within range seems to be to clutch my hair and gush "OH! WE COULD CUT AND STYLE AND COLOR AND USE PRODUCT AND YOU’D BE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON!!!"

Um… but I like the person I am

(I have actually told hairstylists and fashionista sorts that - the looks in response seem to range from shock to horror to disbelief, as if they had never met a woman who was happy with who she was before…)

Oh, and they’d probably insist I pierce my ears. Nope. Not gonna do it. I’ve gone over half a century without feeling a need to drill holes in my ears, why start now? I don’t like pain. Not even a little pain. I refuse to suffer for someone else’s notion of beauty. Seriously, I’ve probably had a half dozen people over the years try to get me to pierce my ears and when I say no thank you they double down - seriously, WTF is it to people if someone else doesn’t wear earrings? I don’t care if you do, why do you care if I don’t?

Next thing someone will tell me to ditch the jeans and workboots and t-shirts and flannels and start wearing “proper” dresses and panty hose and pumps (which never seem to be in my size and no, I am NOT squeezing my aging feet into “pretty shoes” that hurt like motherf*****s - that whole NOT suffering for beauty thing again…)

Sorry, started having flashbacks to “charm school” and Mrs. Guthaus, the second grade teacher who wanted me medicated because I wasn’t feminine enough for her taste and wanted to play tag and recess with the boys rather than sit “nicely” with the girls.

Let’s just make that a firm NO in my case and leave it at that.

Zombie-fied for an event by a professional but that’s the limit. Usually I do my own make-up but this was a special occasion and I wanted some serious wound effects.

Other than that I always fall back on my upbringing within the Original Ritualist Church and the various edicts against changing the way you look and just avoid it altogether.

amarinth, you might like Stitch Fix. You put in all your specifics, tastes, needs, etc. and they send you clothes. I joined a couple of years ago because I needed clothes but wasn’t able to shop, and I’ve gotten some nice stuff that way.

I did have a makeover. A Hollywood makeover. The circumstances were, some kind of gala at a programming conference, it might have been NATPE, that the industry newspaper I was working for covered. They had little booths everywhere and all yoou had to do was go and sit down, and they gave you the full treatment.

Which was a whole lot of stuff. That’s the thing I neverrealized, you put on a prep coat of everything. A…I forget what they called it. (It was not a prep coat.) Like here’s the [whatever it is] for your foundation. And here’s the [whatever it is] for your eyes, from the lash line up to the bottom of the eyebrow. And then they just kept piling stuff on. After the prep coat, the foundation coat. And then the top coat. And then the finishing coat. And then…spray, to keep it all in place.

And they put on highlighters and lowlighters and blended. These makeup artists can completely change the shape of your face that way.

The other thing that I didn’t know then was that when you have that level of makeup on, you need to refresh it every so often, and by every so often I mean, every 10 minutes. So you’re circulating at the party and one of the makeup stations beckons you over for a fluff. Because they can see that you need it.

Now probablly people who are used to that level of makeup don’t need fluffing as often, but makeup tends to just slide right off my face.

Anyway I looked great. I looked fabulous. I also looked like completely somebody else. Frankly, somebody a little meaner than I am. But the only time I have ever approached this level of makeup in my ordinary life is Halloween.

Oh and by the way I have a permanent grudge against What Not To Wear because I followed their advice and got rid of all my turtlenecks. Then I realized that what they did not understand was that some of us are very cold-natured, and if we don’t have turtlenecks on we need a scarf around our necks (also a no-no for my body type), which is another item so I’d rather have the turtleneck. And one of the turtlenecks I got rid of was a color that was in fashion when I bought it, but out of fashion when I tried to replaceit,and I had to wait years for that color to filter back down to the Steinmarts et al. of the world. So the hell with them. I would rather not freeze than look stylish, apparently.

What’s wrong with turtlenecks? Sheesh…

**Broomstick **- I’m with you on holes in the ears. I got woozy when my daughter got hers pierced, and I wasn’t even with her! Her dad took her and I walked around the mall waiting, trying not to faint. So, nope, not gonna happen to me! On the few rare occasions when I wore clip-ons, I kept fussing with them because then never felt right. There’s no shame in naked earlobes!

If you don’t mind, how can a scarf of all things be a no-no for any body type?

No. I have my own personal style and way I want to look. I want my appearance to be constant and predictable, and not to spend much time on maintaining myself. No wish to have anyone re-imagine me.

And in general, the object of my desire would be an essentially low-maintenance woman.

All right, I am small, but overly busty. The turtlenecks on my type of body give an illusion of more bulk, because more material. To look taller and less dumpy, I am supposed to wear v-necks or some other neckline that goes down low, for the sake of minimizing. And, you know, they are right, these do make me look less busty, along with taller and less dumpy. But I’m cold.

The scarves also add bulk if worn for warmth, because they’re wrapped around my neck. The way I am supposed to wear a scarf, for illusion purposes, is in such a way that they hang below my (lower) neckline, and if there’s any kind of nkot it should be well below the bust line–but that’s not the way I wear them. I wrap them around my neck a couple of times and then tie them and the result is that the thickest part of the scarf is right where it shouldn’t be.

But the hell with it.

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