Have you ever just had an inexplicable mental jump?

This just happened and it’s weirded me out.

I’m sitting at my laptop on the kitchen table.

I look up, and see the muesili jar on the bench and notice that is full - clearly my mother has refilled it, happy days.
I notice this because the last muesili was awful and she promised not to buy it again, so we’re back to nice muesili. But, there was a good bit of the awful stuff left :stuck_out_tongue: - therefore she broke because no one would eat it.

10 minutes later, I decide to get some muesili.
I grab a bowl, and a spoon, and then…reach for the muesili jar which is not there.
I find it in the press where we keep it, and it is full like I saw earlier.

There is no one else in the house bar my little brother who is still asleep.
I never moved the jar, but I clearly saw it on the bench and was in the room the entire time - and somehow I knew of its changed condition from yesterday.
This is really bugging me, because I can’t explain it.

Laudenum, just don’t take yourself. Seriously.

Don’t worry. It was just a glitch in the matrix.

I had dosey of one the other day that I almost started a thread about. But it did not involve memory or anything mental. It was just somethat that happened that seems virtually impossible.

I remember an incident from my teens where I noticed some potato gems sitting in a saucepan. I turned my back to the saucepan for a few seconds, and noticed my mum putting something in the rubbish bin. I said “there’s some potato gems in the saucepan”, and she said “where?”. I spun around… and the saucepan was empty.

My brain was having convulsions trying to work out what had just happened… when mum finally admitted that she’d already taken the potato gems - I simply didn’t hear/detect her move from the bin, to the saucepan, and back again while my back was turned.

I had to return a DVD set to my parents once. I swear I had it with me when I got on the bus, put the bag with it in the lower compartment, then put that bag in a locker at the bus terminal while I waited for the next bus, then put that bag in the lower compartment of the next bus, but when I arrived at my destination the DVD set wasn’t in the bag. I even went to the bus garage to check their lost & found. I felt terrible thinking I’d lost it and was all set to spend $100 to replace it - until I got home and found the DVD set sitting in my kitchen. It was the freakiest feeling.

The simplest explanation for such events in that occasionally we “jump” from one universe to another universe that is almost exactly the same as the first one, but with extremely minor differences. Such jumps probably happen all the time, but most of the time we don’t see or notice the extremely minor differences.


I did that while driving years ago - I was a couple of miles down the road with no memory of the last few miles. It’s easy to get zoned out while driving a familiar route, but that zoned out was scary!

This is extremely common. Note that one explanation is that you weren’t zoned out during the drive, but that your brain elected not to bother remember any of the details of the drive. So when you look back at it, it’s just a blank.

One thing I’ve been doing lately is dropping something and having trouble locating it. E.g., I felt a sock drop as I was carrying a load to the washer. After dumping the rest in, I went back to look for the sock. No sock on the floor. Hmm. Started the washer, came back. And there was the sock right in the center of the area I was searching.

I was looking from a different place, and there are certain brain conditions where you have a major blind spot and your brain “fills in” the missing stuff so you don’t even notice it. I’d worry about this but I just had me eyes checked including a thorough visual field check.

I don’t think we need to include things like going to certain web sites and the next thing you know 2 hours have disappeared.

Quantum mechanics says objects can disappear and appear anywhere in the universe. You might have to wait several billion times the age of the universe for any object you’re staring at to disappear, though. Even longer to see it reappear in the same place it left.

However, you might not.

Especially with socks.

While that is probably true as well (basically you won’t see something even if you are techically seeing it), it is even worse than that. You do have an ACTUAL physical blind spot in your eye. As in if you stare in one direction and somebody puts something in your field of view that is in that blind spot you will not and cannot see it.

Thats why it so important when driving to scan with your eyes. And in particulary look both ways twice before pulling into traffic, change lanes…etc etc. Do it once and that vehicle may well be in your physical blind spot. Do it twice and it is quite likely not still in the blind spot because it has moved and or you aren’t quite looking in the exact same direction the second time around.

I saw a TV show - maybe Amazing Stories - with something like that. Each minute takes place on a different set, and occasionally they mess something up, like forgetting to include your house keys. So you look around for up to a minute, then, without noticing it, end up in the next set. Voila, your keys are right where they should be.

This doesn’t explain my missing post box key. :dubious:

It must be all the pole-switching.

A few weeks ago a piping bag (for icing cakes, etc) showed up in our apartment. We have only lived here for 4 months, (and it is a small apartment with no weird nooks or crannies) I have never owned such a thing, certainly never bought one, and my husband didn’t even know what it was… “Is it some weird kind of coffee filter?”

I said either a deranged mad man broke in and is bringing us stuff, or my husband is flagrantly having an affair with the Cake Boss guy, while I am at work.

Not exactly a mental jump, but it sort of fits in with this whole idea. At least for me, I’ve noticed that Mario games multiply without explanation, or at least they used to. For instance, I have 3 copies of Super Mario World, 2 copies of Super Mario RPG, 2 copies of Super Mario 64, and I think a duplicate of at least one other one as well. I thought maybe I had somehow collected copies that belong to other people, but my brother and friends each still had their copies and none of them ever purchased the latter two games. One of my friends also experienced a multiplying Mario game, I don’t remember which one. I’ll have to look in that game box again and see if any more popped up.

I think this lends credence to the multiverse theory with small minor mistakes propagating.

Small minor mistakes propagating? I can get on board with that theory - that explains why every time I put a bread closer tag down, it disappears. It also explains why something is good and truly lost until I buy a replacement - then the original reappears.

Submitted for your approval…

We were in gym class back in the day playing some weird kickball/baseball hybrid my gym teacher made up. My friend and I were in the outfield when a ball gets kicked right between the two of us but fairly high above our heads. Suddenly the thing freezes and jerks to the right. I turn to my friend with a look of shock on my face and she is looking at me the same way. We proceed to freak out and it became known as “the Matrix ball”.

Just the other day my vision went wonky for a second and everything was pixelated. Very glitch in the matrix feel.