A glitch in the Matrix!

Today I was rolling along in the left lane of a two-lane street when a little blue SUV started tailgating me (I was going 50, the speed limit).

I’m an obsessive blind spot/lane change checker, I have blind spot concave mirrors on both sides and on the rearview mirror. So I check the right lane, confirm the SUV is still behind me, check again, then move over into the right lane.

I glanced over to check that the driver was passing me on the left . . . and the car had just disappeared poof! The closest other cars were about 1/4 mile ahead and behind. The SUV wasn’t to my side, in front, or behind me, and there weren’t any turnoffs or driveways the driver could have suddenly turned into (especially going 55mph).

Most assuredly there is a logical explanation for this experience, our brains are very fallible. But putting boring old logic aside, what Matrix glitches have you experienced?

Have you see the video of the disappearing woman https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/woman-vanishes-airport-tv_us_56ebd5ffe4b09bf44a9cf899 (yes, I know what’s really going on, but it’s still pretty convincing).

I hadn’t seen that one. I like the car that disappears during a police chase:


My initial reaction to this is: “Oh shit you in trouble!”

Um… For me, I’d think I’ve seen my cat running around the house out of the corner of my eye sometimes. And then I’ll compulsively go to the back door and let him inside. And then I’ll be all, “wait, what?”

I do the same thing with the dogs; however, I’m pretty sure our pitbull Tally can teleport from one place to another ‘’ she is a very quick, devious pup.

For those of you who, like me, can’t keepup with these things, here is the YouTube video, which can be started by clicking the conventional “start video” button that we all recognize from last year.


A u-turn possibly? across the central reservation and back the way they came?

I don’t have a personal anecdote other than to say that I love close-up magic. I know all about the distractions used and some of the techniques but even when scrutinising it as closely as possible from 2 feet away you are still completely fooled. Wonderful! Our brains are tricked so completely even when fully aware of being fooled so it is hardly surprising that we are bamboozled by accident on a regular basis. We are just shaved apes after all.

Yup, it’s amazing that our brains don’t go haywire far more often. In and of itself, the fact that our brains are even capable of driving is a major miracle.

One of my favorite studies is on the phenomenon of Deja vu and the brain glitches that might cause it.

Ah, yes. That explains it. Teleportation technology. Our pets do have very important pet business to attend to, so I should have realized it sooner. (Though my cat’s important daily tasks generally consist of yowling at walls and closed doors.)

That’s what your cat wants you to think. Have you ever seen the movie “Cats and Dogs”? While it is an unabashed slander against the honourable intentions of our feline [del]overlords[/del] companions, it does depict well some of the complexity of our pets’ lives away from humans.

Here’s Teller with a great discussion of how this works.

I was driving back from to SW Minnesota from a college visit to Michigan State with my mom. She was driving, and I woke up from a nap to find us in Cannon Falls, MN. Mom had apparently gotten confused at the I-90/I-35 interchange, and gotten off on I-35. I made fun of her (as teenagers are wont to do), and said I would drive the rest of the way since she was obviously not competent (plus, it was time to change drivers anyway). Simple more-or-less straight shot on highway 19, 2 hours or so to home.

Next thing we know, we’re in Faribault, MN. That takes at least one wrong turn, and since we were actually in the town itself more than that. No memory of the drive. Our working theory has always been alien abduction, but a matrix glitch is also conceivable.

Reminds me of this Captain Disillusion video.

At 13-14 I locked my brother in the basement after he’d walked past behind me and into the storage area. Then when he didn’t start banging on the door after several minutes I unlocked the door and it turns out he wasn’t there at all.

Ghost, glitch in the matrix or glitch in my brain? I’ll go with option three.

Did it turn out that you didn’t have a brother at all?

Was it one of these?


I’ve seen some of our little furry friends (ferret and gerbil, specifically, at different times) rooting around my clothes in the middle of the night. In reality, they were in their cages in the living room.

Both died a few weeks after these events.

Here’s a video from Russia that was doing the rounds a couple of years ago in which a car appears out of nowhere. Still can’t work it out.

I’ve puzzled over this as well.

Here you go…