A glitch in the Matrix!

I’ve got a couple. I’ll try to post the other one later.

When I was first married we had a two bedroom apt. One more bedroom than we needed. In that bedroom were two things - a small sofa and a drafting table. That’s it nothing else. No end table, no boxes, no stacks of dirty clothes… nothing.

I decided to learn to juggle. I got tired of bending over and picking up dropped balls so i got an idea. Juggle over the couch and I’d have less far to bend over. I went into the second bedroom and closed the door and started to juggle. A tossed one a little wild and out of my field of vision. I turned around to pick it up and it was gone. GONE. I looked under, behind, around the couch and the desk. Nada. I called my wife in, we spent the next half hour searching. Never found it.

A year later when we moved I tore the couch apart to put it in the dumpster (and find that damn tennis ball) and it just wasn’t there.
From then on when we couldn’t find something we joked, “it’s probably with the tennis ball”.

Objects that seem to appear and disappear is one of the arguments that some of my Asian acquaintances resort to when they insist ghosts are a real thing.

I solemnly swear misplacing a wrench or drill bit is not my fault, but that of the matrix glitching.

Those videos remind me of my real life nightmare. There are a couple intersections and merges where a car, or especially a motorcycle, are perfectly eclipsed by my rearview mirror.There have been several times where the car suddenly “appeared” very close to me right in the spot I had planned to go.

This one is courtesy of my mother last night.

Notes: she is 85, still fully independent (had just flown in with her dog yest. in point of fact), has always been a bit of an absent minded scatterbrain, and does have a cluttering problem that she is mostly in denial about. But she remains generally lucid and able to run her life w/ minimal input from myself and/or my sister…

A month ago she was expressing her worried concern for all of those immigrant kids that have been put in “cages” (her word), and by association her dislike of how our government has been running said program. I was pleased since I know she used to watch Fox here and there…

Last night she out of the blue started expressing her full support of the President’s detention policies. When I pointed out how they are separating kids from their parents and basically putting them into said cages, she had absolutely no idea what I was talking about, nor apparently had no memory of her former viewpoint or our conversation.

I mean, WTF? :confused::eek:

The crash of Proteus Airlines Flight 706 is blamed partly on cockpit geometry causing an approaching aircraft to be completely masked behind part of the airplane until the moment of impact.

Mine happens at the grocery store:

I’ll look at the thing on the shelf. Grab the thing and put it in my basket. But when I get home and grab the thing out of the shopping bag… It’s no longer the thing I originally put in the basket.

For example: At the store it was salted butter. But when I got home, it was UNsalted butter!

In the long ago I took a part time job with a department store to supplement my teacher’s salary. The shopping center had just been built, and our store was the first to open there. Preparations for the grand opening were complex, intense, and exhausting.

After an 18-hour workday during which “the suits” made the 40,000 square foot store perfect enough for them I headed home, a 20-mile drive sometime after midnight.

Twelve miles from the store there was a tiny town at the bottom of a long hill. East of the town was a bridge over a railroad line at the top of a small rise, immediately after a slow 90-degree turn to the South. From there the highway curved back to the Northeast as it crossed three bridges over fairly substantial creeks. From there was about a two mile long rise, ending in a 4-way stop at the intersection of US-43, AL-13, and AL-18.

When I got to the 4-way stop I realized I couldn’t remember passing through the town, crossing the bridges, or anything else over the course of the last four miles. That kind of bothered me.

FTR, there were neither intoxicants nor inebriants nor recreational pharmaceuticals involved.

Well if that’s all it takes to qualify there was this one time when I was going to the college campus, and ended up at my workplace instead. (Or was was it the other way 'round?) Suffice to say I was late that day - they were miles apart, with the paths to them from my starting point diverging pretty early.

That wasn’t a glitch in the matrix though; just my autopilot getting its wires crossed. (Mental autopilot, I should clarify; this was a couple decades ago.)

It’s a potential problem in any moving vehicle because of the geometrical fact that when you’re on a collision course with another object, that object will remain at constant apparent angle (assuming everything is moving at an unchanging velocity). If that apparent angle is in a blind spot, it will remain there until you collide or either of you change velocity.

This may (or may not-as in be some clever photographic trickery) be a perfect example of same.