Have you ever made an appearance in someone else's dream?

Some friends and I were discussing dreams today and one of them mentioned that I had been in a couple of his dreams.

  1. He and I went to an Alice Cooper concert with a few other people. Afterward, we went backstage to meet him. Apparently when we got there, Alice Cooper went absolutely berserk and grabbed my skull and ripped my spine out of my body. I’m glad I wasn’t actually there.

  2. Our group of friends was hanging out outside of the local convenience store, just like the dirty teenagers we are. My boyfriend (at the time) whips out a knife and slashes me across the belly and my intestines come tumbling out with a squelch.

I’m not quite sure why I’m the one being despined and eviscerated.

Tell me about your appearances in other people’s dreams!

I’m often in Mrs. Napier’s dreams, invariably doing something wrong and ruining things.

I was in one of Angelina Jolie’s dreams having sex with her. She may deny it but she is a liar because I distinctly remember being there. She is probably upset about some of the kinky stuff she got up to. I am still puzzled why she dreamed we were in my bed.

Someone: I dreamed about you the other night…
Me: Was I naked?

For many years I was in every woman’s dreams, but then they invented talkies and my Austrian accent doomed my career.

What? So, is it true that she… oh, wait, I just saw your name. Never mind, I’ll ask someone else.

A girl I was in a creative writing class with told me I was in one of her dreams. I didn’t know her that well. It was a weekly class, so it lasted three hours, and she told me during a break in the middle of class. I had a feeling she liked me, but I wasn’t interested. I’m not even sure why now. Here’s how it went:

Her: I had a dream about you last night.
Me: Uh huh. (Goes back to reading a hand out)

Now: :smack:

I have appeared in my husband’s dreams a couple of times telling them that I’ve decided I’m leaving him and the baby. He asks if I’m coming back, and I’m not sure. I want to sleep with a bunch of other guys, and then I’ll think about it.

We’ve told a few people we know about his dreams, and they laugh hysterically. I know you don’t really know me, but that would be roughly like Rush Limbaugh announcing that he was becoming a socialist. I have no idea why his subconscious wants to bring that up.

Kind of mundane, but my neighbor told me he had a dream where we were discussing 500 Days of Summer, which he had just seen IRL.

A couple of friends have dreamed of me.

Oddly, some haven’t actually met me nor seen my picture. “You were just a voice.” “You’ve never heard my voice…” “Well, you know.”

It’s somewhat impressive to be so intimidating a fellow that I can be a great looming, dark force in the dreams of people who have only chatted on IM with me. :smiley:

Actually, one time this summer, two guys had a sexual dream about me on the same night and wanted to tell me about it the next day. I found it amusing, but half-wondered if I should feel like a whore.

A colleague of mine once told me that I appeared in her dream and told her she wasn’t allowed to keep paper towels in her office. :confused:

I had a co-worker who was complaining of having a very mundane dream about being at work. She said in her dream I was much shorter than if real life and was taller than me in dreamland.

My oldest friend and I frequently cross over into each other’s dreams. For the most part, our appearances aren’t much more than cameos, although once in awhile one of us actually plays the other’s sidekick/buddy/wingman.

I was in a dream of my friend’s friend. She was having a Battlestar Galactica dream, but instead of Lt Felix Gaeda it was me (I have been told by many people, including random strangers that I bear quite a stong resemblance to that actor). How she knew it was me she didn’t say, but she kept insisting to me that it was indeed me, while everyone else was the actual cast.

I too have been in my SO’s dreams, and 90%+ of the time I’m doing something wrong and paying the consequences for 2-10 hours after she wakes up and informs me what I was up to in her dreams. I could do without that. :mad:

Heh. I’ve been mad at my husband for something he did in one of my dreams, too. Once I realize it, though, I tell him that it’s best if we stay out of each other’s ways, as it will take me a while to work my mad out. He appreciates the warning. It takes me a while to convince my subconcious that I really SHOULDN’T be mad at him, it was just a dream. I dream of him sometimes without getting mad at him too.

And just this evening he told me that he’d dreamed about me last night. It was raining, and he dreamed that the roof was leaking, and he wanted me to grab our daughter, who was an infant in the dream, and get to another place that wasn’t leaking. Our daughter is 30 now, and perfectly capable of moving herself out of the way of roof leaks.

One time, early in our marriage, he told me that he dreamed of me wearing a nice sexy green nightie. I promptly sewed up a sexy green nightie, and he was most appreciative.

I must have appeared in friends’ and acquaintances’ dreams, it would seem implausible that I’ve never done so. It’s been a while since anyone told I was in one of their dreams, I don’t remember if anyone’s told me the plot of the dreams I’ve been in.

I’m sure the following is not the only time I’ve appeared in someone else’s dream, but it’s the only one I remember being told about.

Just this morning when I turned on my cell phone I got a text message someone sent me while it was off for the night. It was a female friend of mine informing me she had a dream about me and was wondering if I was all right because apparently when she dreams of people it means something bad is going on with them.

Well she was wrong, I’m no better or worse today than I was yesterday or any other day of the week.

I’ve been in one of my friends’ dreams a couple times. We were lying on a bed and just chatting and giggling. I think this was a recurring dream.

The other day, one of my coworkers walked up to me and said “you were in my dream last night! I don’t really remember much, but it had something to do with sandwiches.”

Can’t object to that, I suppose. Sandwiches are tasty.