Have you ever posted a deliberate lie on a SDMB?

Yes or no. My question was prompted by some of the responses I’ve been reading about members sex practices.

Yes. This post.

All of my “deliberate lie” posts have been done on April 1st.

Not that I can think of. If I didn’t want to share something, I wouldn’t post.

Now that I think about it, there have been a couple of threads I’ve started that had what might be called intentionally misleading commentary in the OP. In both cases, it was done to keep people from making certain assumptions in order to answer my question as openly as possible. But never any false information.

Not yet.


Well, that was a lie, but never before that one.

My vote was a lie.

In one of my very first posts back in 2001, I claimed to own a Honda Accord station wagon, even though I really didn’t. Oddly enough, I do own one now.


Edit: Dammit, you can’t see who voted for what in your poll. Takes away the humour then, as my “yes” vote was a lie. Well, I guess it isn’t any more, but thinking of the paradox makes my head asplode.

I voted ‘no’ because I don’t remember telling a lie on purpose. I may have told an untruth in jest, however.

In a thread about famous people posting online using pseudonyms, I once posted I was Winona Ryder. At the time, that wasn’t true.

Wouldn’t anyone who has ever participated in a “Two Truths and a Lie” thread have to answer yes?

I vaguely recall fudging some details once or twice so that respondents wouldn’t get caught up in extraneous details or try to ‘fight the anecdotal.’

How can we trust the results? :confused:

I voted no, but in retrospect I think I did change some biographical facts about a work situation to conceal my identity.

I have exaggerated. I have avoided pertinent facts that would have spoiled the joke. I have told tall tales for humorous effect. Do those officially count as lies?

Kind of.

Legally, I only have one child.

When I married my ex, she had a three year old who’s father wanted nothing to do with him. (his loss) I took on the role as father to him. He even called (calls) me Dad.

We’ve been divorced for eight years now and I still play the role of father to him.

I’ve always told you guys he’s my oldest son.

So there it is folks, I’m sorry I lied to you guys. Please don’t hate me.

That was precisely my reason for answering yes.


Wait? A tissue? I could use a tissue. honk.

Does sarcasm count as a lie? I recently expressed thanks that a certain type of poster existed.