Have you ever pulled a muscle while wiping your butt?

My ribs hurt. :frowning:

No. But currently I have a pulled muscle in my side from coughing. Ouch.

I didn’t even know this could happen.

My ribs are hurting from laughing so hard at this question. :smiley:

Take it like a man, biyatch!

How… I don’t even… what? :confused:

Take it! I sed take it!

My left heel just started hurting like hell yesterday at work-I swear I didn’t do a single thing to set it off-now I can barely stand to put any weight on it.

I can’t even imagine how out of shape you’d have to be for this to happen. Or maybe just how bad at wiping your ass.

Well, that’s not very hygenic.

Re: the poll. Nobody likes cookies??!!

Not wiping, but I did once pull a groin muscle while sneezing.

I do!

Not to the best of my knowledge. But I did pull muscles inmy sides last year, twice, and I have no idea how. It very well could have happened while wiping my butt. Or reaching for cookies.

In about 20 years when you’ve got a few herniated disks in your back and your flexibility is gone, you’re going to look back at this post and cringe.

Doing so would indicate some seriously tough shit.
Am I really the first to post that?

I did but mainly because I was in the really microscopic toilet in a sail boat, and it made a funky sort of corkscrewy swirl as I was trying to get positioned to wipe and it tossed me sideways into slamming into the sink. I was not a happy person and could barely move the rest of the weekend.

we’re supposed to wipe?

I stick to a grueling regime of strength- and flexibility exercises to prepare for this demanding task. That’s why I’ve never been injured. Proper technique is important, too.

[Worf] Klingons do not wipe after using the head! [/Worf]

No, but I did get whiplash once from a really big fart.

Not true. They wipe, but with cheese graters.