Have You Ever Received An Obscene Phone Call?

Have you ever gotten an obscene telephone call from someone you didn’t know? What was said, and how did you react??

Much to my chagrin, I’ve never gotten one. In today’s sodomize-a-Pit-Bull-until-it-dies-from-internal-injuries, such an offense seems almost quaint. And with the proliferation of internet chatrooms and caller I.D. this phenomenon seems to be a dying breed.

So what do you recall about your experience with an obscene call?


Some of the guys in one of the frat houses at my college would make obscene calls to the girls dorm. Not to anyone in particular, just whoever was unlucky enough to pick up the hall phone.

I once got a “breather”-- one of those pervs who pants into the telephone. I just burst out laughing, and he quickly hung up. They want shock, not derisive giggling.

With kids who make obscene/harassing phone calls (and you can generally tell when it’s a kid) I say in a very professional-sounding voice “It is my legal duty to inform you that this line is currently being traced by the [city name] police, and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” That usually stops it immediately.

No, but go ahead and email me and I’ll give you my number.

Make sure your voice sounds really breathy when you call… I like that in a pervert.


Once at work I got one that I put on speaker phone and I proceeded to ask him what he was talking about:

What? I’ve never heard that word. What does that mean? I don’t understand. How do you do that? What are the mechanics. People can actually do that? How?Are you sure? How come I’ve never heard about this? For real? Are you serious?

This went on for five minutes. My co-workers were putting their fists into their mouths to keep from laughing.

I’ve gotten one or two in my life. The clearest one I remember, is one that I’ve said on the boards before.

Some guy calls my house. I’m 8 years old. He says

“Is your daddy there?”
I say, “No, he’s in the shower.”
His voice changes pitch and drops, and he says “Well, why don’t you get in there with him?” :eek: I remember it quite clearly after all these years.

Recently someone on the Dope gave me the perfect comeback.

“No, today’s my brother’s turn.” :smiley:

Other than that I’ve got the occasional heavy breather, and once, an ex-boyfriend who thought if I didn’t want to date him, obscene phone calls *must * be the ticket!

When I worked at GEICO we got an obscene caller for a few days. I got his very first call and thusly got to name him–“The Sock Guy.” I was actually monitored on the call, how often are you thankful for getting monitored? The guy just asked in a really breathy, hesitant voice if I was wearing socks, if they were smelly, if I take them off when I get home, telling me he was wearing 12 pairs…totally weird and un-scary. When the call was over the whole monitoring team burst out laughing and brought me over to listen to it again. Over the next day or so, as management tried to trace and block the number, he got almost every woman working in the office, but always hung up on the men. He eventually got bored with socks and started asking about pantyhose. He was really fun.

I have. I was answering the phones for a PBS pledge drive at the time.

I got one when I worked in Atlanta at a video store. We were slammed so I picked up the phone, asked the guy to hold, and pushed the hold button. I got back to him about five minutes later and he starts into the dirty talk (can’t remember exactly what he was going on about tho’). Put the phone down with a weird expression on my face and told my current customers who about died laughing. I can’t believe the guy actually waited on hold to crank call me…

I got one, but I can’t really remember any details. The call woke me up, he said something about sex, I hung up and snuggled closer to my husband and went back to sleep. I was much more weirded out by the guy who tried to get me to leave my phone off the hook so he could scam me.