Have you ever said a prayer before you eat or sleep?

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Yes because my father forced me to before sleep and meals. After my parents divorced, my mom made me because she agreed to raise me as Catholic. After a while though she lost interest in forcing religion on me.

Now I sit patiently by as my mother says grace before a meal (for her own purposes) and then I dig in.

I used this Robert A. Heinlein quote in another thread yesterday, but it bears repeating here because it explains why I dutifully lower my head at meal times if everybody else at the table does:

“Whenever the locals rub blue mud in their navels, I rub blue mud in mine just as solemnly.”

No prayers, no supplications to imaginary sky daddies, but “The forms must be obeyed” (OK, THAT was Frank Herbert and not Robert A. Heinlein …)

Yes, we usually say grace before meals. And my church choir occasionally sings Compline.

Yes. I was raised (and still am) religious, it’s sort of a reflex by now. I fine that it’s a good way to make sure I continue to appreciate the small things in life.

Only a total screaming asshole refuses to bow their head in respect when their hosts pray over the meal.

But yes, even now I still pray on occasion.

Even if you don’t believe in the supernatural or God, prayer has a certain value in self-programming.

Every night at bedtime I pray. Been doing it since I was 4 years old.

Yep, bedtime.

Not a Christian. Neither are the people I usually say grace with, actually. But they do it, so I join in. How can saying a prayer be a bad thing?

I adamantly say prayers whenever I hear a siren, police, fire or ambulance. And I keep saying it until I can’t hear it any more. I figure somebody could clearly use a prayer/some good vibes sent their way. It seems like the least I can do. So I do.

What did you mean by ‘maybe’? ‘I think it was praying, but…’

At Dad’s, after his fourth marriage, they were all suddenly Catholics, and they bowed their heads before a meal, my Dad said a prayer, they all said amen, and then everybody ate. So I joined in. I’ve done the same at a few other meals with different people of varying religions.

At infants (secular state school age 4-7) we said grace before lunch. ‘For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful. Amen.’ At that age I was barely aware that it was prayer - it was just what you said to get lunch - but it was the words of prayer, at least.

As a slightly older kid I also tried reciting the ‘and now I lay me down to sleep…’ prayer before bed. I’d seen it in books and I liked the idea of that kind of ritual before bed and was, frankly, so desperate for ways to sleep normally that I even tried prayer.

I believe in God.
If I’m wrong, what’s the harm?

My first religious rebellion (age 5) took the form of not reciting my prayers before bed any more; I eventually started doing it again (I don’t do it regularly now, but it’s one of the times when I may say a prayer of thanks), but it was a story that didn’t get fully solved to the satisfaction of everybody involved until I was 17. My family has the custom of having the youngest person who knows how to do it be the one blessing the meal - this makes the kids feel important as they’re the ones giving everybody permission to start eating, to the point of causing arguments over which cousin’s older and lessons on how to read a calendar. One day this same week I was eating lunch with Mom and Littlebro (age 37, but the youngest person present); he’d blessed before I started to serve, then she forgot he’d blessed and re-blessed, then I joked “now I want to do the blessing too!” and blessed a third time. Those mashed potatoes were thorouhgly blessed indeedy.

We always prayed when starting out on a long trip; I still do it occasionally, specially if I’m nervous or tired, as the exercise helps me relax and focus.

Yes because I was forced to as a kid.

I use to as a kid up until my early 20’s then I stopped.

The closest I come to prayer now is when I curse god and his followers.
I’m soo going to hell. :smiley:

I pray occasionally at bedtime because it helps me to reduce anxiety and clarify my thoughts, and sometimes I need that before I can go to sleep.

I’ve muttered some words before.

Well, it depends on whether you believe in such a thing. :wink:

If you believe in reincarnation and karma, you can reincarnate yourself as a lower being in the next life due to the good and bad karma you’ve collected in this one. :smiley:

Growing up we had a “blessing” over holiday meals when all the family was around.

And I said prayers at night in my bed for most of my life.

I was raised Catholic and we said a prayer before eating on some holidays. And I used to pray before going to bed sometimes when I was, I don’t know, around 10 or 11. It was a short-lived phase.

Yes, because I was raised religious.