Have you ever seen a hippo doing water ballet? (Video)

We were able to get some great video of the lady hippo at the Calgary Zoo having a good time doing some fancy water dancing a couple of weeks ago.

Video here.

I didn’t even know hippos could do that!

Breaching hippo - weird! I didn’t know they did that sort of thing either.

Yes, because I’ve seen Fantasia.

Down by the bay!

There was no watermelon growing there, as far as I know. :slight_smile:

Has anyone ever wondered why it’s called a hippopotamus and not a hippochoiros?

I think you meant a choiropotamus.

No, but there are people who were drinking and saw pink elephants…

I remember seeing cartoon hippos dancing and I thought it was just a joke about how silly it was for a fat animal to try to be graceful.

Many years later, I saw a happy hippo mother from the under-water-level observatory at the Toledo Zoo and realized that the joke was on me. The baby hippo was cute, but the graceful elegance of the mother was astounding. I’ll never forget it.

The hippo above is an amateur compared to the one I saw, nary a pirouette that I noticed. But the Toledo Zoo had more depth for her to play in, perhaps that was a factor.

That makes me wonder what a hippo could do in a really huge, deep pool!

I’ve been visiting the Calgary Zoo for as far back as I can remember and had never seen one of the hippos playing around like that until Cat Whisperer and I happened upon this show last month. It was fascinating to watch this enormous, murderous creature acting so graceful. Good Zoo visit! :slight_smile:

No way! They sing?!?