Have you ever seen one of your own bones? (TMI, probably)

Not sure if I’ll actually be brave enough to come back and read all the responses here, but after losing a patch of skin on my ankle (only the top layer), in a place where the skin seems quite thin, I started wondering how I would react if I was wounded in such a way as to be able to see one of my own bones. So…

Have you ever seen one of your own bones? Please describe the circumstances and tell me how you felt about it.

Lets say teeth don’t count, unless you were wounded in such a way as to be able to see them in situ, without a mirror.

I see one pretty much every morning.

Hacksaw, bad hand positioning, thinner than I thought aluminum railing.



Possibly. I woke up while my knee was flayed open in surgery. I don’t remember if I saw my kneecap or not. But it hurt, and the anesthesiologist wouldn’t put me back under.

Big deal: I see 32 of mine every morning (actually, make that 30, I had wisdom teeth removed).

Shoulda read the last line in the OP. :smack:

I saw part of my skull once, after a horseback accident. I hope not to see it again.


Impacted with a rough surface and split my forehead wide open. Saw about an inch of skull exposed. (In a mirror.) Took sixty stitches to put it all back into place. All in all, kind of gruesome.

the bones in my fingers and a few knuckles, after attepting to hold onto a roundabout and let my legs swing round in the air, cartoon style. dont mess with centrifugal force, or whatever it was that caused me to fly a good 10ft before landing on my hands and face.

i also broke my nose, but thank fuck that stayed where its meant to be, under the skin.

Took a nasty spill off a chair when I was about seven. Fell onto a radiator/cooling unit and rolled over my arm on it.

When I shook off the cobwebs there was two piece of my forearm bones sticking straight out with my arm at a 45 degree angle and blood flowing freely. Ow.

When I was 14 I slipped with a knife and opened by left index finger open for 180 degree at the second knuckle all the way down to the bone. The doc who stitched me up insisted on showing me all the veins and bones and nerves and such.

I’ve never seen the actual bone, but I have seen the sheathing of a knuckle joint when I got my hand caught between a go kart and the paint can that I was using as a jackstand. The skin was split open, and for a second before the blood began to flow, I could see a white lump.

I also got to see my fascia (muscle sheathing) when my femur was broken and the femoral artery was damaged in an accident. The doctors split my calf open about eight inches on each side to manage the swelling that occured after blood flow was restored. Eh, it looked like the raw meat that it was.

Got to see my left kneecap when I was 8 after taking a bad fall from a jungle gym.

When I broke my foot a few years ago, I could see the bone pushing up against my skin. I was soooooooo glad it didn’t come through!

Not bones, but I cut my arm very badly trying to take an air conditioner out of a window. I knew I was cut, but not how badly, so I ran in the bathroom and stuck it under the faucet. When the water hit it I could see all of the tendons running up to my fingers. I thought to myself “water and bandaids aren’t going to do it this time” and passed out. Took 69 stitches to close it up, and I have a nasty scar.

I stepped between two rocks, one of which was quite sharp and cut my ankle open. I could see my ankle bone. It was totally cool! Hardly bled at all and the bone was sort of a clearish white. I did have to get stitches though. Only stitches I’ve had. I was 21.

I got to see mine when I fell down a cliff while holding a hatchet.

That was a fun weekend. Brad had a .22 derringer. He shot at a skunk and missed. That skunk’s aim was better. We wouldn’t let him sleep in the shelter that night, and it snowed.

Not my own, but this guy I knew. Took a pretty big hit from a bigger guy on the football field, and we helped him limp off. He thought he had broken his toe or something and, sure enough, off came the cleats and we all saw the bone from his big toe sticking out about 3/4 an inch. No bleeding.

I’ve seen one of mine. No accident or pain, either.

My wife is an audiologist. She sat me down in her clinic once, and got the TV-monitor otoscope out. Into my ear it went, and I could see (on the monitor) what she sees when she uses a regular otoscope. So I was treated to a brief anatomy lecture on the ear.

I saw my eardrum, as well as the small tailpiece of the malleus bone where it touches the eardrum. True, I saw the bone through the eardrum, but I did see the bone. Kinda neat!

Well, the second post took my response. Both my parents saw my shin bone. When I was 8 I fell in a window well and cut it either on a piece of concrete or a nail. When I climbed out it was dark and my dad wouldn’t let me look at it after he covered it with a rag. Didn’t hurt at all after the initial 2 minutes.