Have you ever used the "See Clearly Method"?

My vision is rapidy deteriorating and I am in need of a way to halt or improve this problem. I have thought about using www.seeclearlymethod.com. If you have any experience with this program please let me know if it worked for you.

I have no experience with this, but have heard and read articles that it is a complete crock. One account described how the salesman made a bid deal about how he could see the small print on the script he was reading. Until the large-screen TelePrompter broke.

Best you should see a good opthalmologist. You don’t say how old you are, but only a qualified doctor is going to detect things like glaucoma and cataracts. The former can lead to blindness; by the time you are aware of anything going wrong, it’s already gone too far. Detected early there are painless simple treatments.

If your vision is really deteriorating rapidly, I’d advise a visit ASAP.

BTW, your link is broken.

“Seening Clearly” is selling snake oil not vision improvement, even if slight.

MLS is right on!
Save your money for a real comprehensive vision exam by an Opthamologist.

Avoid the heartache of falling for questionable schemes and outright scams.

I had a recent thread about this very topic here. It’s a scam.

Hi, I worked for an eye drug company. I have no info about the program in question, but at BEST it can only offer a small improvement in vision.

You can also “improve” your vision simply by quitting wearing your glasses; you eyes will adjust, just a bit, to the new conditions. But it’s not nearly enough to make a difference to most people.

As the other poster said, you really need to be checked for glaucoma (which is too-high pressure in the the eye leading to all kinds of trouble) and cataracts. There are other things that can hurt your vision, too. The good news is that few things, if treated, can make you go blind.

But please see the doc!

Eye exercise programs have been around for a while. You can read about them (Or not) at your library or I expect an internet search will provide info.

I recnetly had cause for concern about my vision and wound up at an Opthamologist who actually advised against strengthening my prescription.

The theory was continual strengthening of the correction actually hurt the vision by continually weakening the eye.

In other words, don’t just “see a doctor” - look into the matter yourself and find a doctor you trust.

Quackwatch has some info on this method. Sounds like snake oil to me.

ABO certified optician here.

No amount of “eye exercises” can change the shape of your cornea or how light focuses on your retina. Your eyes do not become “weaker” by wearing glasses, your brain adjusts. I have no knowledge the See Clearly Method and others like it, but basic optics are against it from the get-go.

Thank you all for your input I have fairly regular eye exams with an optometrist and as of the last exam (about 6 months ago) there was no sign of glaucoma or cataracts. I have very bad floaters and have discussed this with the optometrist. They say there is little that can be done for floaters outside of major surgery and they would only recommend it in the most severe cases. My eyes focus very slowly. When I change focal point there is a noticeable delay in the time it takes my eyes focus on the new object. They chalk this up to age. I am fifty years old (ouch, it hurts when I say that.)
My OP was short on information as I was mainly asking about See Cleary Method. I should mention that I have Amblyopia in my left eye with 20/400 vision, which can not be corrected with any lens. I have 20/60 in my right eye, which is supposedly corrected to 20/20 with lenses. But I don’t buy that, Maybe in the exam room and reading an eye chart it is, but in every day life there is no way I am seeing 20/20.
I have gone from single vision lenses to progressive and back to single vision. I can not find a pair of glasses that will give me even decent vision.
I thank you for steering me away from buying snake oil but I was feeling desperate. Any other information you might have would be greatly appreciated.

I have exactly the same problem with it taking a looong time for my 55+ y.o. eyes to change focus. I try to spend the last 15+ minutes or so of my work day doing something that does not involve close work or small print. My ophth. said this is entirely normal for old people like us. :frowning: The focusing is performed by tiny muscles. Just like all our other muscles they are not as spry as they used to be.

One thing: If you’re doing close work (computer screen, needlework, etc.) be absolutely sure to take a break at least once an hour to rest your eyes by doing some distance focusing. Get up, look out a window, whatever. Know how if you sit in one position without moving for a couple hours, then when you finally move you feel all cramped? Eye muscles are the same way.