Have you seen anyone turn their life around after ruining it?

This is a sequel to the messed up their life thread. https://boards.straightdope.com/t/what-is-the-quickest-way-youve-seen-someone-ruin-their-life/926813

Person Q was a high school friend of mine a year behind and went to my same college after graduation. We were roommates and he absolutely flipped out about 6 weeks into the first semester. Loaded up his car in the middle of the night, got a triple digit speeding ticket (how on earth that old Honda could make triple digits I don’t know) and ran back to Mommy and Daddy.

Not sure if it was being away from home, professors not mollycoddling him or whatever. He paid off the rest of the lease and basically shut himself off from me and anything to do with the college. Came back a few months later to get the rest of his stuff and left the engine idling as to not spend one unnecessary second while he loaded up the car. Thankfully to school it was just a Withdrawal so no semester of bad grades to deal with.

One year later, he ended going to school near his family in commuting distance, going into the same field as his family and basically living a predictable boring life. Marriage didn’t work out, so throws himself into work .

So, not an ideal life but certainly not one of minimum wage jobs and a life of hell. I’d hire him in his line of work.

Anyone else see a ruin your life and turn it around story?

There are innumerable former drug addicts and now-dry alcoholics in the world and many here on this board. Do any of those count?

Also I’ve reported your OP to get the typo in the title fixed; you’ll get more replies if it says what you meant it to say.


I posted recently the story of Lyle Prouse:

In 1990 three pilots flew a passenger jet from Fargo to Minneapolis while drunk. The lead pilot lost his license and spent 16 months in jail, but managed to completely turn himself around, becoming a pilot again as well as an addiction counselor.

know someone who spent $50k on crack in 3 months but later got clean and still OK 11 years later.

I knew a guy (RIP) who loved heroin, but was honest as the day is long. Over the course of his life he repeatedly had money fall into his lap (inheritance, property sale, etc). When he had money in the bank he’d give notice at work, then fall back into heroin use.

When the money ran out, he’d quit heroin cold turkey, then get a job. He’d excel at the job, and all would go well, until the next windfall, then back to heroin.

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Co-worker’s step-son – two degrees of separation – jail, out of jail, got a good job… embezzled from that good job… back to jail. Repeat, not once, but twice. And yet, even after those three strikes, he found someone to hire him…and he’s been on the straight and narrow since, doing right and staying clean. I’m amazed, but it is nifty to know it can happen!

I had a very good friend in school named Toni. He was the son of Italian immigrants to Germany, and growing up and going to school in the seventies and eighties, that still meant there were obstacles that native Germans didn’t face. Nonetheless, he did very good in school and had good grades, because he was very bright, funny and popular among his school mates. But with around 15, he first dabbled in smoking cannabis and liked it way too much. He had always been a bit of an anti-authority and rebellious type, but fueled by his habit this dramatically increased, and his school success suffered accordingly. He had to repeat ninth grade, and finished grammar school at tenth grade, three years before the aspired graduation with Abitur, which would’ve meant the ability to go to university, which he definitely had in him.

After he had left school, everything went downhill. He only worked sporadically, but instead turned to harder drugs. I lost sight of him then, but I know that he became a junkie for years. He also opened a pub with a friend (whom I also knew well) at age 19 or 20, and all their friends knew before that this would not end well. And we were right, both were their own best customers, they also gave almost every patron credit (which rarely got paid back), and they were broke and left with debts in five figures in months. That was when I totally lost sight of him for a few years. I met him again a few years later in a pub, he was obviously high on cocaine or speed (or both), had become bitter, hard and cynical and it was just uncomfortable to be around him. This way, he lost almost all of his many old friends.

But somehow, I don’t know how, he suddenly cleaned up his act, became sober and got a job in factory that makes screws and bolts (the owner of which is accidentally also a friend of mine). It was a blue collar job, not what I thought he was predestined for with his mental skills, but he was good at it and it payed well enough. Everybody was surprised and glad how he got out of his destructive habits and had managed to begin a regular life. Sadly, there was a tragic twist: only a few years later, at age 35, he fell ill with colon cancer and didn’t survive. I was so sad, hurt and angry at fate or karma or the universe, he really deserved better after having himself gotten out of his troubles. RIP Toni.