Have you seen Holiday Nuts for Sale this year?

Every year, in early Nov. the groceries set up a big display of Walnuts, filberts, almonds, and brazil nuts. You buy them by the pound.

This year I’ve been to three Kroger stores and there’s no table filled with nuts?

What’s happened? :confused:

Have you seen this traditional display at your grocery?

It’s not Christmas without a big bowl of nuts on the table. We always add roasted peanuts to the bowl too. I love watching tv & shelling/eating walnuts and almonds.

I forgot the pecans. :wink: That’s always in mixed nuts.

I’m going to a Kroger in a more upscale part of the city. See if they have any mixed nuts.

I’ve been buying nuts since childhood with no problem. We buy a six pound bag every year and they last until after Christmas.

Walmart has them on a big square table divided into bins.


My grocer had a big display of chestnuts, when I was there over the weekend. Do they count?
The others you mentioned will probably turn up next week, is my guess.

Has it been a bad year for nuts? In the UK our long dry summer affected a lot of harvests - carrots and apples have been noticeably affected. My supermarket has had hazelnuts and some others in the last couple of weeks, but I seem to recall having seen signs out saying that Brazil nuts are in short supply.

I’ll check at my Walmart Supercenter.

I was just curious if other people are having trouble finding bulk mixed nuts this year.

This might be a regional thing, because I don’t remember this sort of thing at the supermarkets where I grew up. Now, some have bulk displays of nuts, grains and sweets, but this is a year-round thing.

The local HyVee has them. I haven’t been to WalMart to see if they have them. The pecans, filberts, walnuts and almonds are all separate. The brazil nuts are in the mixed nuts which doesn’t bother me as I like the others but not the brazil nuts.

My Wegman’s in suburban Philadelphia has it.

Kroger in Little Rock has them this year.
I wish you could by just filberts.

Which one? I’ve been to both on Rodney Parham a couple weeks ago. I was at the Colonel Glenn store last week.
I plan to try Chenal Pkwy Kroger next. Upscale, they can afford mixed nuts.

With bulk nuts you can buy whatever you want for the same price per pound. Fill a bag with filberts if you want.

Our nut allotment seems to be late this year too. All I’ve seen are smaller bags of mixed nuts, not the big bins. There’s also been no bags of individual nuts (all hazelnuts, walnuts, etc). It’s actually been several years since I’ve been able to get bags of almonds, which is a bummer since they are one of my favorites.

Beechwood in Hillcrest.

Ok. Thanks for the tip.

You are very welcome, thanks for yours.

They must have had them at the local Sprouts; I came home a couple of weeks ago to one of our mixing bowls filled with walnuts and brazil nuts (she likes 'em, I don’t) and a new nutcracker.

Lots of @#! walnuts, @#! almonds and lots of pecans, but no filberts!

They are in Wegmans here in the northeast, and Tops and Walmart. I look forward to buying a great big bag of mixed nuts every December. One year there were very few brazil nuts, and what there were, were small, hardly worth the effort. There were shelled brazil nuts in the bulk foods section, though expensive.