Have you seen one of those abortion trucks in your town?

I saw one of these on I-70 just outside Kansas City this morning. I just saw the side of the truck as I was traveling the opposite direction. It had a HUGE picture of an aborted fetus with the word CHOICE.

I must say I was shocked to see it, which I’m sure is the whole point. How long have they been around? I don’t watch tv all that much, so if there was a story about them I didn’t catch it. Where do these trucks go? Do they sit outside Planned Parenthood and then harass people going in? What’s the scoop?

Hmmmm, I haven’t seen one yet, but with the Repub convention coming to town, I may just yet.

Haven’t seen one yet but your description remended me of my self employed friend that was an arborist. It said so on the side of his truck and people used to misread it all the time and flip him off as he drove around. Who would think the guy in khakis and a pickup was driving around aborting babies?

Oh I’d be willing to bet one will be making an appearance at the RNC. BTW, I feel for you and all the New York dopers-- I’m sure all the extra traffic plus security stuff will make life a colossal pain in the ass for residents.

Actually I may miss it though, as I plan to avoid that area like the plague.

Yes, I saw one, Seeker74. I thought it was some trucking company that was making its views known non-too-subtly, like G.O.D. or something.

Quite disgusting, I think…does it have to be so blatant. I mean, won’t someone please think of the children.

I agree wholeheartedly. When I saw it, I looked like this: :eek:

I just googled “truck with picture of aborted fetus” and found the responsible party’s website Apparently, they’ve had one of their trucks driving around on of the Hawaiian islands.

Just a truck? Well, we got the flying aborted fetuses at lunchtime up here in Minnesota. It looks like it’s the same group.

I wish I had seen that thread before. I wouldn’t have been so shocked this morning.

I saw one of those in Columbus last spring. Awfully awfully gross.

I saw one on the news. But your town is my town, so it was probably the same one you saw.

I used to see one almost every day. I worked at the Capitol building in California and that is where people like to make their points so one truck in particular would make the rounds around the Capitol and surronding streets.

That would be weird… seeing an semi driving around with abortion pics on it- ick

I thought it was odd that their website calls abortion genocide. Genocide is defined as the planned systematic extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group. I don’t think fetuses fall in any of those categories.

Last year I saw one on the tollway here in Illinois that was hand painted. It was covered with slogans and bible verses and references to “baby butchers.” :rolleyes: Somebody needs to learn about subtlety, I think.

Hey! We had those at my college a couple of years ago (U of Mich). I had seen those trucks driving around with adds for textbooks and stuff, and then suddenly I see one that looks just a little bit different. Then I realize that it’s more like a hell of a lot different, and then I noticed the people on the Diag were holding big, big pictures of aborted fetuses up in the air. I tell you, that’s a refreshing sight. Nothing really recharges your spirits like giant aborted fetuses. Feti. Fetum. Whatever, it’s all in bad taste.

:eek: People freak out about seeing Janet’s tit but giant aborted fetuses are ok (I would imagine these are the same people)? The mind boggles.

Wow, a whole truck full? That’s a lot of abortions…

I wonder if the anti-abortion “pro-life” folks are aware of the fact that every day 24,000 children (age 5 and under) die of starvation? Where is their outrage about this? Well, maybe it’s okay because it’s not 'Murican children. I bet some kid starving to death is really happy that we’d rather spend money on “abortion trucks” and “flying aborted fetuses”. This is not “Great Debates” nor I am not afiiliated with any “feed the world” charity, so, I think I’ll step off the soapbox.

I’ve seen the truck driving around Waikiki Seeker74. Most tourists stare as it drives by with shock on their faces.

Thankfully the front of the truck just has words so I have a chance to look the other way without seeing anything as it goes by.

And apparently, even a t-shirt with the words “I had an abortion” is offensive. :smack:

boggled in triplicate,
Anna Belle