Haven't you ever dreamt of hidden extra rooms and/or corridors?

Hasn’t there ever been a building, i.e. your own home, a building which is your workplace etc which you are very familiar with navigating around but maybe one night you have had a dream of being in that building and coming across secret rooms or secret corridors leading to secret rooms? Then next time you are in that building for real, you have tried searching for those hidden extra rooms and/or corridors only to be disappointed?

For example, there was a college a friend of mine went to, there was a warehouse style building that had mostly ceilingless corridors and classrooms. He had a dream that he came across an hidden extra corridor, and it lead to some classrooms that he had never seen before. This particular corridor and it’s classrooms appeared to be better decorated and a lot more cleaner than the other corridors and classrooms in the building. The corridor was a gold and light blue striped, (gold at the bottom and light blue at the top). The people in those classrooms were very friendly and offered to be friends with him and some said “we should meet up together sometime, just tell us the time and place and we’ll be there”. At the end of the corridor was a unisex toilet and there was also a shower in the small room containing the toilet as well. The room was decorated with teal green and white tiles and the soap used for washing my hands smelt divine. There was a party going on in one of the classrooms, and the people in there were more than happy to let him join the party, and he was offered the usual stuff you’d expect at a party - coca-cola, booze, (He declined all offers for some reason, although nobody got offended). Needless to say, he told me that he was very impressed by all of this.

In the morning after the dream, he was in that building, and for some stupid reason, he tried searching for the non-existant corridor!

He tried moving one of the lockers to see if the entrance to the corridor was hidden, and he also tried looking in a cleaner’s cupboard that had been left unlocked. Someone in the corridor asked him if he was lost, and he told them about this corridor, and they said that to the best of their knowledge, no such thing exists and that they must have an amazing imagination! Needless to say, he was very disappointed about this.

All the time
It is a recurring theme in my dreams to find extra rooms in houses

Heck yeah! All the time! It’s wonderful!

It’s even more wonderful, because my brother-in-law, now living in the house I grew up in, built some secret doorways! Absolutely delightful! The first time he showed me, I had the weirdest “am I dreaming?” sort of sensation.

If only my house or any of my family member’s houses had such features! :cool:
On the other hand, I would find it somewhat spooky if I opened a door, expecting it to lead somewhere, only for there to be a solid wall behind it! :eek:

I have this kind of dream all the time. Glad to know I’m not the only weirdo.

How does it make you a weirdo to have such dreams? :confused::rolleyes::smiley:

I often have dreams that I am in my house and that there are rooms upon rooms - so many that I’ll never even visit them all never mind managing to decorate them.

But it’s not so much that they are hidden, just that I never get to them.

Here’s my amateur dream interpretation. The house represents the dreamer. A hidden room represents an as yet undiscovered ability or interest. Finishing a room off symbolizes developing new skills. That is exciting.

Some of the rooms in my house are dark and foreboding and in my dream I know that it’s a place I don’t want to go into. My dark side? Ekers.

I have had countless dreams like that in my life. Something like finding a secret stairway down in the back of my garage to a room underneath the garage, or finding a stairway in the attic to a third (or more) story of the house that we had never noticed on the outside before.

Those are among my favorite dreams.

I once had almost that experience for real in a house I had lived in off and on for almost thirty years. We had an unknown attic space that was walled off except for a single triangular tunnel-like opening above a stairway; the opening was only about 2 feet high at it’s highest point, and as the attic was unfinished and unlighted and very dusty and the tunnel had lots of nails sticking through the wood, etc., I never considered exploring the “tunnel to oblivion.” Not really thinking about the shape of the house or anything, I just assumed there was just an empty space on the other side where a little kid could easily fall in between some walls and never get out.

When I was about 30, my Dad (it was still his house then) asked me to crawl through the tunnel to check an attic fan that he had had installed in the roof above the unknown attic space after I had moved out of the house. I crawled through, and had a feeling like I had burst into a hidden chamber in a pyramid! It was miraculous! A 15’ long attic space totally unknown to myself or my four older siblings! Later, after I bought the house, I had a door put in the adjoining bedroom wall, some plywood over the rafters on the floor and a light fixture, and suddenly I had a new storage room off the master bedroom!

I had a dream once, in which I was driving up a very familiar scenic road (Highway 1 through West Marin County alongside Bolinas Bay, to be specific), when suddenly I saw ahead, a fork in the road that I had never noticed before. The left fork continued the familiar route along the coast, which I intended to follow. The right fork, I had never seen before. I made a note to myself to explore that fork another day.

Just at the very last instant possible, I suddenly and spontaneously decided to explore the right fork now, and went up that way. The road immediately went up a mountain into a very dense forest of fir trees. It was also getting late in the day and a little bit foggy, so visibility was a little dim, and the road was very winding. Here and there, there were cabins well-hidden among the trees, but I could just see a little glimmer of light from their windows. The scene was straight out of some of those Nordic-themed Christmas cards.

Reaching the top of the mountain and driving down the other side, the terrain was mostly desert-like with sparse scrub brush and scattered ruins of old stone buildings. This was actually a very realistic scene: There really is such a sudden change of flora and terrain upon driving over the crest of some mountains. The scenery was reminiscent of portions of the Mojave Desert.

Upon waking up, I had that picture in my mind, and didn’t realize I had just dreamed it. I was very eager for the next weekend to come, when I wanted to repeat that drive and take another closer look. I thought about it for quite a while before it became apparent that I had no idea where that road really was or where to find it again, whereupon I realized that it was just a dream.

ETA: That was just a small, and final, portion of a much longer dream in which I drove through a lot of supposedly-familiar territory that was actually very surreal. It was all that surreal stuff that I finally realized I had no idea where to find again.

I’ve always dreamed of a house just like Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s, full of pirate booty in secret drawers and compartments.

Five years ago I dreamed about finding an abandoned house on one of my walks through the woods. In the dream I had to leap across wide chasms where the stairs or floorboards had once been. The dream also featured me opening up cupboards and finding long-lost treasure, or at least artifacts of the last occupant’s life.

Several months after the dream, I did in fact find such a house. Alas, the much-anticipated treasure was merely a collection of cracked stoneware bowls, some dusty vinyl records, a phone book from the year 2000, and an ancient mid-tower PC that I never even bothered to turn on so as to investigate the life of the former occupant.

Never had a dream of a house that I knew/lived in with secret doors/rooms/etc. I have had dreams of unknown places with secret areas though, like a gas station that had an elevator to a giant underground complex in the bathroom. I’ve also had dreams of a house that was built like a human Habitrail, with narrow, padded corridors to crawl through; large, fluffy rooms to sleep or lounge in; small loft rooms, mostly window, with a nice view to the outside; and so on. I still kinda want a house like that…

I can top that. I dream I have extra houses. I suddenly realize that own this house that I bought several years ago and I’m wondering why. It’s usually run-down, and I can’t figure out what I’m going to do with it.

But, yeah, extra rooms, too. And there’s usually something wrong with the rooms, like water leaking or rat infestation or something.

I sort of have this type of dream - and occasionally the same apartment or house will appear in other dreams.

Frequently, I will be meeting up with a new roommate and walking into a flat or house to pick my bedroom or share of rooms in a flat or house and for some strange reason something doesn’t go quite right. Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be a suitable room/rooms for me, or not enough bathrooms, or for whatever reason the property just is not quite right. Sometimes in the houses I see parts of places I have actually lived in previously [one case was showing someone through my childhood home that was built by my great grandfather there are the extra rooms you mentioned, typically either out in the carriage house or up in the attic, or once down in the basement.]

I have to admit, some of the places I have lived in my dreams were really wonderful and I would love to live in them in real life. I really do actually love hte old 1800s rambling huge houses whether they are boring old Queen Anne Victorians or Newport Summer Mansions! I would absolutely kill to own and live in Belcourt Castle!

Yeah, I’ve explored unknown secret corridors and rooms in my house. Usually some interesting and possibly expensive antiques are discovered along the way. Fascinating.

Yes, and I’m planning on installing a secret door to cover up a storage area, just so I have one.

Same here, frequently. I like finding the extra rooms, usually they’re bedrooms in the middle of the house.

I also find extra bathrooms but there’s no privacy. No doors, walls just a few feet high, and the place is full of strangers.

Sometimes to get out of the new room I have to navigate a narrow dark tunnel with a sloping floor – it’s scary as hell.

One house I lived in had a window you could only see from the outside. <cue spooky music>

I HATE thos type of buildings! :frowning:

Not very common, but yes, I sometimes dreamt of that. Finding to my delight stuff that doesn’t exist in reality is a relatively common theme in my dreams. For instance, I discover to my amazement that there’s a large area of wilderness in the middle of Paris. Or I find impressive ruins in a small wood and wonder how I could miss them all these years, etc… Finding secret passages and rooms in a house clearly belongs to the same category for me (based on similar feelings during the dream when I make this wonderful discovery).

Like ** John Mace** I also sometimes have extra houses/apartments. I’m very disapointed when I wake up, every time :frowning: