Having issues with cookies and Java script

I am running Windows XP SP2 and I have just switched from Juno to AOL.

When I tried to change my password in AOL I got a message that told me that cookies and Java script needed to be enabled.

I went to the “tools” section of Internet Options in I.E. I enabled cookies and Java Script was already enabled. I tried again and got the same message.

I then reset all of my security and privacy settings to defaults in I.E.–same result.

Any ideas?


When you make security changes to Internet Options, you need to close all open browser windows before they will take effect. Make the changes, close AOL and any other browsers that are open, then reopen AOL and see if that works.

I tried that, but the page comes up with the classic “action canceled” message every time.

Alright, I’m back to the same “Cookies and Java Script must be enabled” message as before.

Is it possible AOL got added to your Restricted Sites list somehow? If so, that would result in cookies and javascript not working.

Alright, problem solved. It wasn’t in my restricted sites list. Apparently I needed to download some extra files from AOL after my initial installation. Once I did this, everything went back to normal.

Thanks for the help anyway,** Fear Itself**.