Javascript in IE not working (and how do I re-install it?)

I got my new computer last week, and just discovered that javascript isn’t working in Internet Explorer. That is, when I click on a link that opens a javascript application in a new window, nothing happens. For example, when I go to and click on “Amazing Race Insider” at the bottom, I get nothing – it’s just like clicking on a blank screen.

Here are a few caveats:
(1) I have a “custom” install of WindowsXP that my computer guy (from hereon known as “Jackass”) puts on all the machines he builds. It’s configured to run smoother and has a lot of the useless junk altered or removed, and indeed it does fly like the wind. Unfortunately, it also means that finding stuff is a problem; for example, he deleted the default defragmenter and replaced it with a third party program that he claims runs faster, but I think sucks. (And he says Norton Utilities is incompatible with this machine…which sucks!)

(2) I did run Spybot Search & Destroy and it did remove a few items associated with Explorer that SBS&D said were spyware-related. I don’t know if javascript worked beforehand, because I didn’t notice until afterwards. Telling Spybot to “restore” those items did not fix the problem. Installing the latest service packs & updates for IE did nothing, either.

(3) Javascript doesn’t work in Opera or Mozilla either, but I’ve always had that problem.

The only option we haven’t tried is doing a complete reinstall of IE. Unfortunately, Jackass’s phone battery died before we got that far, but I did manage to find the install program for IE at the Microsoft site. Thing is, it won’t work – it tells me a newer version of IE is already installed!! And trying to UNINSTALL IE by using Add/Remove Programs and Add/Remove Windows Components did nothing but delete the icons…IE is still on my system.

Jackass also keeps blaming the power supply, since he put in a really cheap Chinese-made P/S (long story) and he also keeps chiding me for daring to, you know, install or update new programs. To be honest, I haven’t had many problems at all with this system, and this is the ONLY glitch that remains. However, Jackass wants to “re-load” the O/S from scratch, which I’d rather not do. After all…there’s a way to fix it, right? Can you guys help me out here?

P.S.: On a semi-related question…where on earth does Mozilla store its bookmark file in WinXP?? I know I found it once, because I was able to import my old Netscape bookmarks, but I forgot what I did to do it!

Perhaps Java is merely disabled, not uninstalled. Open a browser page, select the Tools menu, and select Internet Options. Click on the Security tab, then click on Custom Level. Scroll down to the group marked Scripting, and under Scripting of Java Applets, put a check mark next to Enable.

If this does not correct the problem, install the Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment.

Java and Javascript are not the same thing at all, despite the misleading names. What the OP might need to enable is Scripting/Active Scripting.

I’m using Mozilla Firefox and mine are stored in C:\Documents and Settings*username*\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\\bookmarks.html.

Aha, I found it, not exactly the same but it was buried in several HIDDEN folders and I had to click “File Finder” on the folder to locate it. (I wonder why the File Finder didn’t work on the root directory?!? Oh well, it’s a Microsoft product…)

How good is Firefox as a browser? I switched from Netscape 7.10 to Mozilla 1.72 because Netscape had some buggy functions, but Mozilla seemed to perform even worse. (Not only will Javascript not work, but Flash & Media Player links aren’t working either…very annoying when I wanna check soundclips at

Firefox is very similar to regular Mozilla, and recent versions of Netscape basically are Mozilla. People say Firefox is faster and smaller (memory-wise) but I’ve never noticed much difference.

I’ve never had a problem with Javascript in Mozilla, apart from sites which use IE-specific JScript. You might look under Tools/Options/Web Features/Enable Javascript and Advanced…, or whatever the equivalent is in Mozilla, to see if Javascript is fully enabled. For Flash, Shockwave etc. you know you need to install the appropriate plug-ins?

I’m using Firefox 0.9.2 and i’ve never had any problem with Javascript, Flash, or any other media players. It’s a great browser, and i love the way that tabbed browsing keeps the taskbar neat and tidy. Some of the extensions are also excellent.

Is it feasable (or even possible) to have Mozilla/Firefox AND Netscape installed on the same system? On my old computer, I noticed that many of Netscape’s system files were located in folders named “Mozilla” (since, as you said, it’s basically the same thing) so I’m wondering if there will be DLL conflicts and stuff. One thing I really don’t like about Mozilla is the tabs – they look so ugly!

As for the Javascript issue…yes, both browsers have Javascript set to “enabled”, and we spent over an hour trying all manner of things, such as setting IE’s security level to the lowest possible and also disabling other security programs, like AdWatch and Norton Personal Firewall. (And yes, the Java plug-in icon is present in Control Panel.)

Ok, here’s an update. I installed Firefox 0.9.3 and all the plugins from this Mozilla support page, and now it works with Windows Media Player, Flash, and everything else EXCEPT javascript apps. Javascript is still completely non-functional in all my browsers!!

I should mention that when I installed the Java Plugin, I got an “assertion failure” that popped up in a dialog box but automatically disappeared before I had a chance to write it down. Maybe that’s got something to do with my problem??

I hope some technical gurus take the time to respond to this…I really really REALLY wanna access the Amazing Race Insider!!!

Mozilla browsers have a Javascript console (on the Tools menu) with which you can view Javascript errors. Perhaps that will shed some light on the problem. Might be a good idea to try it with a simple Javascript test page like this one, rather than with the unholy mess you’re likely to find in a real life page such as that at

Aha…according to that test page, my Javascript is indeed functioning after all. I also checked a few links on (the only place I could think off the top of my head that had javascript links on it) and they worked fine as well. Silly me, why didn’t I try that sooner. :smack:

The thing is, everyone I know is able to access that page without a problem, and I haven’t read about problems on any of the various Amazing Race message boards. When I check Mozilla’s Javascript console I get this message:

Error: _acct is not defined
Source file:

My friend seems to think it’s a missing cookie, but even after I specifically allowed cookies from, it didn’t work. Maybe I’m just cursed…

Well whaddaya know, problem’s been solved. It turned out that my Ad-Blocker was preventing the website from posting the cookie or whatever that allowed the script to function. And even before discovering that, the Insider link from the front page DID work, although it did throw a few errors. I guess that’s what you call “bad programming”?

In any case, I’m all fixed up now. Thanks everyone for the help!!!