Having Sex with Bald Headed Women..Should there be a Law against it.

I myself have never had sex with a hairless woman. One of my friend has and he described it as being quite an experience. According to him, this women was completely bald… AND I MEAN BALD…NOT ONE STRING OF HAIR ANYWHERE…NOT ONE!

Personally this is something I have never pondered, but my S.O. says that she would never shave her entire head and body like that, and any women that does should be locked up. ( says that there should be a law against it). What do you all think. Should having sex with women my S.O calls (Naked Mole Rats) be allowed in America? :smiley:

So therefore chemo patients should not have sex? :dubious:

Of course not! And don’t even think about it if you’ve got Alopecia!


No. These women should be banned from having sex. :rolleyes:

I know a set of adult twin women, identical, except one has total alopecia and one does not. The bald one is happily married with a daughter.

I’m sure she’s not the only hairless woman out there.

While you’re out there passing dumbass laws, why not outlaw sex with bald men? See how far that gets ya.

ROFL- :smiley:

Dude, it’s hot. And I’ve been one. Nummy. Your SO just hangs in the wrong scenes

While you’re out there passing dumbass laws, why not outlaw sex with bald men? See how far that gets ya.

Problem is, I’d say 85% is bald or balding. :wink:

Of Congress, that is. Although I don’t think the House of Representatives is so hirsute. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like swimming with bald headed women.

I dive throught their legs and kiss 'em while they’re grinning.

Not really, the hair just redistributes itself to their shoulders.

We could outlaw ugly people having sex while we’re about it. And old people. Or maybe only white people?

It’s already illegal for young people. I did not just say that…

Ooh, no wait - bigoted people and bad spellers! Yeah, that one I could get behind! :cool:

Oh yeah. Totally. Where’s the tongue-hanging-out-panting-like-a-dog-in-heat smiley when you need one?

Raahaha - :smiley: :smiley:

I’d love to be able to help you, truly I would, but for reasons that momentarily escape me (although I expect it all to come flooding back any minute), I distinctly remember clicking ‘Strongly Disagree’ on 'Political Compass #46: There is a pressing need for pointless and totally fucking mindless new legislation regarding sexual intercourse between consenting adults.'

Bald women… mmm, kinky. Kind of like android sex.

I’m tired, so I’m finding it hard to decide whether or not you are joking or whether your SO is actually so narrow-minded as to discriminate bald women.

I think you need to talk to her, you know. This isn’t about just helping the bald women, remember you payed $5 to fight ignorance.

BTW, is there such a word as baldist?

I would pay $5 to see starguard explaining to his girlfriend why she should shave.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my opinions concerning Persis Khambatta in the first Star Trek movie … “Naked Mole Rat”? Not the phrase I’d use.

(No, I don’t think sex with bald women should be illegal. Immoral, perhaps. Also frequent and energetic, if at all possible. Same as sex with non-bald women, really.)