Having short hair is weird.

I went and had a hairectomy the other day and it’s taking some getting used to. I keep reaching for my ponytail and it’s not there. My head feels cold and light. It barely takes any shampoo to wash. It takes no time to dry. I can scratch the back of my head without messing up my hair. Hell, I can rub and smooosh my hand all over the back of my head and nothing happens. The dude looking back at me from the mirror looks at least 5 years younger. It’s going to take some getting used to but I like it.

The reactions at work were for the most part very positive. Lots of shocked reactions followed by compliments on how good it looks. Only a few dissenters preferred the long hair. I had the long hair for about 8 years and for the last 2 it was almost always in a ponytail so I didn’t see the point of having long hair anymore if I didn’t get to let it hang loose very often. Here are a couple before and after pics.

Has anyone else done something drastic to their appearance lately?

Oh ya, I donated the hair to Locks of Love. 13 inches baby!

The “after” is short? :smiley: I start feeling like a hippie if my hair gets more than half an inch long.

I don’t have the chart handy, but you get a nice bunch of karma points added to your account for giving it to Locks of Love.

I think your new 'do looks good. I’d give you a second look if I passed you on the street. :slight_smile:

Odd that you should mention it. I recently went from this (although that pic is a couple years old), to this. And that’s already grown out about three weeks.

Not so much for stylistic reasons as for practicality, under the circumstances.

Woot! Thanks :slight_smile:

You look great! Not that you didn’t look great before, but you look much more modern, up-to-date and hep.

The shorter hair is a good look for you, Gut. I’ve been growing my hair out lately. I liked it until it started curling out at the ends under my ears, which I thought looked feminine. (Hard to describe, and I don’t have a camera handy, sorry.) The other thing is I don’t feel like I can style it when it’s long. Anyway, I’m getting it cut again this Saturday.

I think you look a lot better with short hair, although that might just be my prejudice in favor of it. I haven’t had my hair long enough to comb (which in practice means considerably less than an inch) in three years.

Not exactly lately, but I shaved my head last June, and I’m planning to do it again this June. Single weirdest thing: when I went to bed that night, my scalp was so warm – because it was directly touching the pillowcase. Took me a looong time to get to sleep that night.

I have never ever been hep before. Thanks! :smiley:

fetus I know what you mean about that mid length hassle. Mine never curled but it was a real pain in the ass trying to grow it out beyond that length. I’ve gone from long to short and back again a few times over my 38 years.

I’m not quite ready to go all Jean Luc Picard just yet **Captain Carrot ** but there are a couple at work so I wouldn’t be alone.

hee. top this:

i’m active in community theater, and from time to time i have to either change my hair color or slap on a wig for a part, depending on the era. the biggest change happened about three years ago when i changed my hair color four times in less than a year.

in the real world, i’m a premature gray/silver. i started turning in my late 20s and now at 50 the color base is officially history. so, at the time all this started, i was colored to pretty close to the original: a black/brown. to match the gal playing my mother in the first show, we both had our hair colored red by a friend of the director’s who’s a hairdresser and who did the colorings as a favor. fine. dandy. the very funny ‘moon over buffalo’ show runs, and ends.

the next week i make an appointment to turn my color back to what it was - and it won’t turn. i never thought to tell the *other * colorist that i’m totally gray underneath. the red has bonded and won’t go away. panic time. after much huddling in a corner so i couldn’t hear her consulting with fellow hairdressers on what to do with me, they told me the consensus was i was going to have to have my hair stripped. oh… goody. you gals know what *that *means. :rolleyes:

so, for three weeks i’m white-blonde to give the hair shaft enough time to calm down so i could be re-colored with the dark and have it take properly. i’m dead pale so i look like an extra from a george romero movie for a while. finally, i get back to my right color. during this time my BIL gets to see me three different times with three different hair colors and rolls his eyes at the third color and says, 'would you make up your mind, already?" :smiley:

two months later i get a call: 'can you take over the part of the secretary in ‘the seven year itch?’ sure, i say. no prob. i arrive for rehearsal and find out the marilyn monroe part has dark hair and the director wants the rest of the women blonde. fine. whatever. it’s her show. the hair person gives me a blonde wig to wear (you know where this is going, don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue: ).

it becomes immediately apparant onstage that my hair’s too short to stay under the wig properly even with a gallon of hairspray AND a wig cap on. ‘we can still see your dark hair,’ bitches the AD. okay. whatever. sigh.

i call my colorist. ‘are you sitting down?’ i ask. the next day i arrive, wig in hand, and 60 minutes later, i’m blonde. again. after all that, i officially threw in the towel. today it’s still blonde but WAY darker than it was for the wig, and down to my shoulders rather than supershort.

i’m thinking wigs from now on, no matter what color they are…