Having the Norton Internet Security XP problem?

This is the short version of the solution I found.
Unless I’m stupid, the Symantec web site doesn’t have a lot of information on it.

The problem is when the icon doesn’t appear in the system tray for Windows XP users.
It was caused by a LiveUpdate that installed the Norton Internet Security 2003 v6.0.4 Update.

I found this in the Security forum at WWW.DSLREPORTS.COM. Look around for the other comments from XP users on this.

They recommend you uninstall and reinstall. The problem is the Add or Remove in the Control Panel won’t let you. Neither will the Uninstall in the Program File.
When you look in the System Status, it has URGENT ATTENTION and the Security part is OFF.

To uninstall:

  1. Run the RNAV.EXE. Get this from the Symantec site.
    This removes Norton Antivirus.
  2. Run the RNIS.EXE. Get this from the Symantec site.
    This removes Norton Internet Security.
  3. Install Norton Internet Security.
  4. Run LiveUpdate.
    Expand the Norton Internet Security Program Updates.
    Don NOT select Norton Internet Security 2003 v6.0.4 Update.

Everything should now be normal. The trick is to keep checking LiveUpdate and not run v.6.0.4. This assumes the next GOOD update will be v6.0.5 or something.

Granted that sometimes testing new software thoroughly is tough, but when you get one of these, you’ve got to wonder whether anyone even tried the update before they unleashed it upon the world!

Good detective work.