Norton Live update. WTF?

I’ve had Norton Internet Security for over a year. I renewed the subscription 3 months ago for a 2 year stint. Up until now I’ve been very happy with this software.

Now, all of a sudden, it won’t connect to Live Update to update the virus protection.
It just displays a banner “connecting to live udate. This may take a few moments”.
Yet it sits there for hours not connecting. I’ve been funking around with this for over a week now to no success. I have Road Runner cable internet, and there have been no changes/new programs made to my computer recently.

Anyone else having this problem? What’s the solution? I want the virus definitions updated!

pkbites, I feel your pain. I recently upgraded to System Works 2006. What should have been a couple of hours (including a full system scan) took a week until (almost) everything was working. I still don’t have Internet Worm Protection working, but finally Live Update is active again. The only thing that finally worked was using SymNRT.exe (available from the Symantec site) to completely deinstall everything, and then I used regedit to remove every trace of anything Symantec or Norton related from the registry. Reinstalling at that point finally got most everything working. Good luck.

And to preempt the anti-Norton crowd; I’d like to move to other tools, but I really like a lot of the pieces, especially Ghost, and other than the upgrade frustrations I’ve never had a problem with any of the Norton/Symantec tools.

While you’re at it . . .

My Norton Anti-virus subscription was running out so in trying to make my life easier I purchased a new version of Systemworks, installed it and registered it. Now, whenever I run Live Update I get notices asking me to renew my subscription. It won’t allow me to check the box that says “don’t display this notice again”.

Hopefully, there’s a simple answer to this but I hate troubleshooting software. I like Norton and I like Systemworks but this aggravates me.

If someone can answer the previous questions I’d be grateful if they could take a few extra seconds to give me the quick fix.

Ghost rocks!!! but unless things changed recently it was never packaged with Norten Internet security, norton AV or the like, but has always been a standalone program, perhaps years ago part of Norton Utilities.

I have seen lots of trouble w/ Norton over the years, part of which is because it’s a pay for product, and they have protections against you just uninstalling and reinstalling it, which means you can’t do that easially. Another part is it’s the big dog on the block and virus/worm/spyware creators all try to knock down the big dog.

Ghost is part of the System Works package. Since the upgrade price to stay current was only about $20 above what a new stand-alone license for Ghost would have been, it was cost effective.

And despite all the uninstalls/reinstalls, I never had a problem with the licensing. Once you’ve installed it and entered your license key, that particular registry entry persists through the uninstall process so everything is fine on the next install.

I’ve been trying to upgrade to Internet Security, and System Works 2006 for almost a week now. I’m glad to see this thread, because I thought it might be a problem on my end.

But I’m not trying to upgrade. I’m just trying to udate virus definitions.

What I don’t get (and I should have included this on the OP because it’s pertinent)
but the program is on “automatic update” and all of a sudden it’s telling me I have to click on live update. Normally I didn’t have to bother with it. it did it all by itself.

Is Norton having a problem? Could they at least admit it and send out an email! :mad:

I’ve worked a lot with both the Norton and McAfee products in both enterprise and home settings. With the appropriate measure of tweaking by qualified pros, either can be a worthwhile complement to the security suites employed in a large enterprise. In a home setting, however, I find that most end-users encounter a lot of problems with them. Most of these problems seem to be caused by the bundled goodies such as spam protection and their refusal to be killed for a fresh installation without ripping them out by the roots and attacking the registry. Also, because they allow themselves to be so highly manipulated by users who feel qualified to tweak the “features,” figuring out what an individual did to jam them up can be a forensics exercise worthy of a CSI episode.

Whenever one of my coworkers or acquaintances asks “which is better, Norton or McAfee?” I tell them “AVGFree.”

Will I be happy with AVG?
I had been running NAV and it was lovely. But I decided to try to upgrade to SystemWorks (I wanted Ghost) when it expired. After a week of install problems and what may be the worst customer service/tech support in the world, it will no longer be on my computer.

Am I going to regret telling the tech support guy to perform anatomically impossible acts instead of toughing it out and trying desperately to get this thing to work? Somehow?

Absolutely. I highly recommend it.

I just switched to AVGFree after a bad Norton experience. I was in the middle of a two-year subscription to Norton Antivirus when I realized it wasn’t running the scheduled scans. I tried fixing it, didn’t work, uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times, etc.
I finally called India and the tech told me I must have a virus that was crippling Norton. So I did their online scan, found a virus, and called back as instructed to have it removed. This time the Norton guy in India said, “Sure we can remove it and get your Norton working again. For $75.”
So in summary: I paid for an antivirus program that allowed a virus onto my computer, the program had a weakness that allowed it to be crippled by said virus, and then Norton wanted another $75 to remove the virus and make their own program work again. What a scam.
So I just deleted the whole damn program and installed AVGFree. It found the virus right away, deleted it with no problem, and works perfectly so far.

My kid works in IT and installed AVG on my computer…it works great and it is free for non commercial use.

I am a lover of the norton suite, but I changed to AVGfree from lack of money, and Ill never go back. It never has the CCApp problem that seems inherent in norton when you have World of Warcraft installed.