Having to pee when you poop [new title]

Ok, I know this is ridiculous, but it’s just one of those foolish “why are there interestate highway’s in hawaii…” questions:
Why when you pee do you not have to poop, but when you poop you have to pee?"
-I figure if nothing else some people could have some fun with this…

I don’t know if this will help you, but I asked a similar question here once:

No. 2, followed by No. 1. Why?

ok, so now ice wolf AND cynic are my heroes…what a simple life i lead…

I have (God help me) changed the title of this thread. In the future please try to choose more descriptive titles.

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Dangit, bibliophage; now you’ve got me really curious as to what the original title was!

See the boldy bit at the top of rico776’s OP. That’s the original title.

sorry jim (it seems i just keep dissapointing you)- the original title that bibliophage changed wasn’t a work of art, “a classic”- i was tired, not quite as witty as “(Straight) Dope Brownies” but hey, we can’t be on our game ALL the time, can we?

Perhaps because one sensation takes precedance over another until that sensation is gone?

And don’t even think about peeing and pooping together when you’re on the river. You pee first, on the ground, and then go and poop in the bucket, thank you. (You have to carry out what’s in the bucket and you don’t want any more weight than is necessary.)

Blalron- thanks for summarizing that link from above- though i’m typing right now i truly cannot read, so it’s helpful for someone to come in a day after something’s been posted in order to restate what others did…next time have a little confidence as well, dont end it as a question- you might be showing some self esteem issues there, sac up! be a man! take charge of your answers on poop!