Hawaii -spoilers-

New NBC show. Anyone else watch it?

Who is the lead old guy? I’ve seen him before, right?

Seemed to have potential, but the opening story was weak. Too much to put in one hour, I guess. This needed a two hour movie to start off.

If you’re talking about Michael Biehn, he one claim to fame (among others) is playing Kyle Reese in the first Terminatro movie.

I agree, it has potential, but was a little weak.
And do we really need another cop show?

Damn, shoulda previewed. Terminator, not Terminatro. :smack:

I just figured you saw it in Mexico.

Man, as soon as you said it, it all fell into place. Was that movie really that long ago? Damn.

I didn’t realize there was a TV show with this name. I though you were talking about the state.

[spoiler]It’s an island.

There’re lot’s of parrots.

Poi is kinda icky.[/spoiler]

Oh, man.

I only caught 45 minutes. That’s because I had to shut it off in order to retain what shattered shreds of sanity I had left.

The acting was so bad, it was giving my frontal lobes heavy concussions.

And the ham handed insertion of ‘authentic Hawaiian culture’ (both modern and ancient) into the ‘plot’?.. I cried so heavily my eyes started to bleed. The episode of the Brady Bunch in Hawaii had more respect for ethnic Hawaiian culture.

It did have a car chase. You know, the requisite one. I’ve seen music videos by heavy-metal-bands-that-are-getting-on-in-years with less frenetic cut scenes than that car chase. Saturday morning commercials for Hot Wheels had more suspense.

Barely had the energy to remove Hawaii from my TiVo Season Pass before passing out.


But, did you like it?

Very stilted - like the actors were just thrown together on an island, told a vague plot, and then just ignored each other’s lines. And about that script… It was like they couldn’t decide if it was Honolulu police (from the uniforms in the beginning) or State police (guy from *Crossing Jordan * actually identified himself as “Five Oh” at one point.)

So we have detectives leading on pretty uniforms (“Good police work”) just to get laid, cheif detective with a history of losing evidence and destroying a case against a crook father and then paying said father as an informant, car chases, “native” stereotypes, pulling bodies out of volcanoes, and a badly defined black magic serial killer.

Steve McGarrett is spinning in his grave.

Yeah, it was a little forced. I did like the storyline with the tainted fish (from the drug smuggling). That was interesting.
I might watch it again if I have laundry to fold or something to do for work and there’s nothing else on, but I don’t think I’ll go out of my way to watch it.

I’m just killing time till Survivor: Vanuatu starts.

He was the bomb in Phantoms, yo!

Apart from a few technical errors, the least of which being there’s no active volcano like that on the island of Oahu, where the “Honolulu Metro Police” reside, in which to toss decapitated bodies, I didn’t mind it so much. Whether this is the result of years of being force-fed crappy cop dramas or just a case of mild homesickness, remains to be seen. And I fully acknowledge that “I didn’t mind it so much” is far from a rave review, or even a positive nod in its general direction.

I give Eric Balfour some credit for doing one of the more convincing local accents I’ve heard in a while, and I interpreted the varied stress of his accent as attempting to establish common ground with whomever he was interrogating at the time. Too generous? Perhaps. But I like him as an actor. And Ivan Sergei, while infinitely edible, is cursed with the thankless role of loose cannon with a chip on his shoulder now that his one-time girlfriend shagged another guy. As for the other guy, poor Sharif Atkins. I really enjoyed him on ER and so far, am missing that character desperately. The years have not been kind to Michael Biehn; he appears to have had massive facial reconstructive surgery.

I chuckled when they pursued the car down the “Kalani Highway.” I guess “Kalanianaole” was too much of a mouthful. Apart from that, and a sort of stilted “mauka” during the raid planning, not too poor of a job on the pronounciation.

As far as the plot was concerned, it was predictable and real by-the-book cop drama writing. I don’t think I need the dots so explicitly connected for me, and I certainly don’t need superfluous vomit in the first few minutes. I have Fear Factor to avoid for that. I hope the story gets better and more complex (I doubt it), but I’ll watch again just for a little taste of home, God help me.