Hayden Christensen (Darth Vader) stands up to creationist

Driving Darth Vader: How CNY put a star back in his race

Could you summarize? The linked article requires registration.

Hayden Christensen has to drive a Ferrari to Toronto for some car thing. The Ferrari broke down in Syracuse, and some hick with a flatbed truck drove him all the way to toronto.
The guy and Christensen argued a bit about religion;

The ride was quite uneventful. they passed the border without problems, Hayden bought Burdick a Whopper, and they got to Toronto OK.

So, it appears that actors and creationists can get along.

Cat walks past dog! Both came out unharmed! Full story, afer the break.

HA! The best part of that article is when the tow truck driver (who didn’t know who Christensen was) asked him what he did for a living, Christensen replied, “I’m studying to become an actor.”


You mean just where it asks for 3 things, none of which were personal and all easily faked anyway?

Surely it was less effort for you to answer three questions than for somebody else to summarize an article for you.

It was even some “Hollyweird” fella in the Heartland and he didn’t get strung up.
Hayden didn’t appear to make any huge pregress in getting the man to realize that creationism isn’t scientifically correct though.

Indeed. Syracuse now thinks I am a 97 year old woman from zip code 11111./

A Ferrari transmission is only good for 6000 miles?

I think a Yugo’s transmission lasted longer then that.


Well, we don’t know how HC was driving the thing. For all we know, he was grinding every gear. It did say it got stuck in 2nd gear.

We also don’t know exactly how HC “stood up” to a creationist, but that’s another story.

You mean you aren’t?
Hell, I’m a 1 year old from zip code 66666.

This Just In!
Famous Actor Seems Normal to Unsuspecting Tow Truck Driver!!

This is my very favorite.

That’s good. It tells us one important thing: Hayden Christensen is not a vampire. :eek: :smiley:

Well, they’re both idiots then.

Good point.

Well, that’s just the tow-truck driver’s version of what he said. Hayden could have been perfectly eloquent and scientifically accurate, but a creationist would hear “blah blah blah monkeys blah blah.”

Good point.

BURDICK: Well I figure we oughta be there in about eight hours once we get on I-90… depends on how bad the traffic is going through Buffalo. Mind if I pop in a Zig Ziglar tape?

CHRISTENSEN: (GESTURES) You don’t *need * to play your Zig Ziglar tape.

BURDICK: …I don’t* need * to play my Zig Ziglar tape… Err… sorry, lost my train of thought there for a second. So… have you accepted Jesus into your life?

CHRISTENSEN: I believe in an all-encompassing principle of life that surrounds and penetrates us, binding us together with all life in the Galaxy.

BURDICK: All life, huh? You ain’t one a’ those guys who thinks people came from monkeys?

CHRISTENSEN: Humans inarguably share many qualities with the higher primates… tool use, complex social interaction, the ability to pilot starships, and so on.

BURDICK: Don’t try to sell me that ivy tower crap, college boy. Your sad devotion to evolutionist religion didn’t help you conjure up a new torque converter, or give you clairvoyance enough to read your diagnostic trouble codes, did it?


Personally it’d be easier to persuade me that creationism is true than to convince me that Hayden Christensen is Darth Vader.

So you didn’t suffer endless torture through Episodes 2 and 3 at the hands of Mr. Christensen?