Hazen21, a question

I don’t get it. I just noticed your “iampunha, you are worthless” comment in this thread, and did a quick search of your 19 posts.

About half of them are drive-by posts in which you decide to pick a poster out of the thread and randomly insult them, yet the other half show that you’re an intelligent person putting some thought into your posts.

Why the dicotomy?

Well, whether we like it or not, many people on these Boards have demonstrated time and again that a proclivity for fly-by insults and a talent for intelligent debate are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Hell, even hyper-rational, super-intelligent, extremely good-looking members like me (:)) succumb occasionally to the desire to flame someone just for the hell of it.

I think that we need to wait until Hazen has a few more posts before we can draw any definite conclusions about his/her overall demeanour and debating persona.