HBO's Enlightened - What is Amy's mental problem?

In HBO’s show “Enlightened”, what mental problem is Amy (Laura Dern) suffering from?

I think I’ve seen most of the episodes except the first couple. My understanding is that Amy was an executive at the same company she is currently at, but had some sort of nervous breakdown, was institutionalized and on her return got stuck down in data processing. And apparently she had some sort of philosophical “enlightenment” from her experience.

But what is her actual mental problem?
Is she supposed to be bipolar? - she alternates between very “manic” phases when something excites her but then gets very down when something goes wrong.

Is it some sort of narcissism? - Amy makes a lot of statements about being at the center of a “much bigger life”. And she seems to treat people as if their only purpose is to facilitate that.

Or is she just a weird flake?

Borderline personality disorder. Inability to regulate emotions. Unstable sense of self. Difficulties with interpersonal relationships. “You feel, but you don’t think.”

That makes sense. Especially the constantly idolizing / being disappointed with people.