HBO's Rome 2007: is this Jesus?

Looking at the Rome 2007 Promo, could Jesus Christ be making an appearance? If so, that would imply considerable condensation of the timeline. Will Vorenus be the centurion at the crucifixion?

I thought Jesus could walk on water.

Not bloody likely Vorenus would be well over a 100 by the time of the crucifixion :eek: . Season one took place from 52 BCE to 44 BCE. The crucifixion is believed to have occured circa 33 CE.

The person in that image looks a bit too European to be Jesus.

Please fight a little ignorance here - I’ve only heard of BC and AD. What is BCE & CE?

Before Christian Era and Christian Era. More or less different terms for the same thing as BC and AD.

I think people who use those like to say “common” instead of “Christian”. Or something like that.

Oops, I think you’re right.

The title of the first episode is “Passover”, so maybe this is supposed to be some foreshadowing of the coming of Christ. I can hardly wait of this new season, and am thoroughly enjoying the repeats this week of Season 1.

Yes, it’s an anti-Christian conspiracy. There is no reason in the world why non-Christian historians should object to dating events according to the birth of someone else’s deity. It wouldn’t hurt them to pray to him every once in a while, and accept him as their lord and savoir either.

Passover is a Jewish holiday. It may have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus.

This article is full of spoilers for the next season and it says nothing about Jesus playing a role.

Please don’t put potential, even if it is speculative, spoilers in the subject. Thanks.

Since Liberal wasn’t challenging the use of “common,” your post here is both an overreaction and a silly hijack. If you want to take him to task for what you believe his opinions are on the subject, take it to the Pit. But keep it out of Cafe Society.

After all, Jesus does have a certain savoir-faire. Or Savior-faire, perhaps.

are you serious? it was in a promo released by the network? how can speculation based on that be a spoiler (absent some sort of pyschic power on the part of the OP)? I am trying really hard not to sound sarcastic, as I really do want to know if consensus is that the OP tread title contained a spoiler or simply a question about the promo?

I thought he was being sarcastic.

Both conventions are used. Some people prefer “Christian Era” as a kind of compromise on a dating convention which recognizes Christianity without overtly endorsing “Christ” as the Messiah. I tend to use it myself.

The real problem for a lot of historians is not that the BC/AD convention is Christian but that its pivotal event is misdated. Jesus could not have been born later than 4 BCE (the year Herod died). That means if Jesus was 33 at the time of crucifixion (an age which is really only inferred from the Gospels, not explicitly stated), the crucifixion would have occured around 29 CE. Still too late for Vorenus to be present, of course.

Are you serious? You do realize that Jesus was Jewish and the Last Supper was a Passover meal, right?

I think Lissa meant that episode of that title may have nothing to do with Jesus