HDMI converter


I just bought a DVI to HDMI converter.
I plan on using a DVI to DVI cable to connect my Dell 23" LCD that does not have HDMI.

I plan on getting an upconverting sony dvd player.
But it only upconverts using HDMI.

So I was planning on using the DVI to HDMI converter to plug into the dvd player, so I can upconvert.
But question is, how will the audio part work?

On my upconverting DVD player, you need an audio connection which is separate from the HDMI connection. Therefore, you will need typical red and white audio connections and somewhere to plug in the audio (TV or stero tuner). In addition, in order for the HDMI connection to work propoerly, you will need to set it to the right video method. If you don’t it will not work correctly. On my Toshiba model, I needed to set it to “component” in order to play the correct colors.

Have fun.

I have a Panasonic DVD player that upconverts to HD via HDMI, but I use the optical digital audio connection to my sound system and turn off the audio to the TV. You shouldn’t have to use the audio via the HDMI interface.