"He excelled at pig-sticking and became Director of the National Stud"

From the Daily Telegraph; the most alarming obit headline I have ever seen: Lt-Col Douglas Gray, Indian Army officer who excelled at pig-sticking and became Director of the National Stud.

Good lord, I hope when I die my obit headline is not quite so eyebrow-raising! Would any Brits like to translate this? Reading the actual obit provided little further elucidation.

The National Stud is a horse-breeding concern, and [url=http://www.harpers.org/PigSticking.html]pig-sticking is apparently hog hunting.


Board-coding, on the other hand…

I imagine after a lifetime of pig-sticking, you would be the National Stud.

Ah, that dry British wit:

  • Noel Coward.

Poor little thing!


:eek: :eek: :smiley:

Dear Noel.

I wonder if Prince William is into pig-sticking? (And let’s not have any Camilla Parker-Bowles jokes!)

The *Telegraph does seem to have a nice way with obits. IIRC, their obit for the singer Nico commented that “she had given up heroin for bicycling , but the latter was to prove the more dangerous sport.”

Okay, no Camilla jokes… How about Bill Clinton and Monica?

To my mind, Camilla resembles another farmyard animal, and a pig ain’t it.

I absolutely love the Telegraph obits. I was introduced to the phenomenon by Johnny Vaughan, who used to do at least one obituary a week on The Big Breakfast a few years ago. Damn, that was a funny show at that time.

Of, so in America we don’t have a “National Stud” – but each state is free to come up with its own stud. Surely you’ve hear of The Tennessee Stud.

Ellen McCutcheon, landlady of the Harrow Inn at Steep where a dog smoked a pipe and all proposals for change were resisted.”

“Oi, Miss McCutcheon, couldya please change the sheets in me room?”

No! I gotta go out and get some more poipe terbaccy for ol’ Shep, 'ere.”