One Less Case of Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK

Hey, that’s the way I read this bit of news about Prince Philip retiring from “royal engagements”.

Heh. I reckon he did a lot of them deliberately, to help the Queen.

And the rest he did completely by accident, where he would say things like “If you stay here much longer, you’ll all be slitty-eyed.” to British people in China, or ask a Scottish driving instructor how he kept the natives sober long enough to pass the course.

I read through a list of Prince Philip’s top ten gaffes yesterday. At first I was appalled at some of the things he said, but then I started giggling helplessly because it was so over the top. Is he really that clueless, or is he doing it on purpose?

link-link-link, pretty please? :slight_smile:

I can’t find the link I was reading earlier today, but this one has even more quotes.

Good Lord, that was cringe-worthy :eek:

I was prepared to give him some slack, thinking that most of them would be from so long ago that they weren’t considered rude, at the time. Nope! I’m still not sure if he’s just so completely clueless about the world or is actually a horrible, rich, snob looking down on everyone.

I’ve always thought he was a terrible human being. Those gaffes don’t change my opinion.

To me he doesn’t come across as clueless so much as Totally Does Not Care. He’s not the monarch, and he’s not in elected office, he’s just securely living at public expense and I imagine probably wouldn’t do anything at all if the Queen didn’t give him a kick in the ass once in a while.

Like GW, born with a silver foot in his mouth?

That’s some SD quality trolling…

Actually, he was a penniless Greek prince. Hence his nickname, Phil the Greek.

I guess that by the time we reach 95 most people will have said things they could have phrased differently.

Brits need not worry. They still have Prince Charles to create royal embarrassments.

I have a strange liking for him. It would be unusual for a man of his generation and class to not hold the views he does and he’s at least funny. I love his comment about Princess Anne, for example.

There have never been any complaints of him using his power for the bad in terms of race or gender - and he did have power as chair of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (which admitted girls from a year after it started in 1957) among others - so he’s always just seemed like someone who never really left the 1930s but didn’t actively stop anyone else from doing so. Lots of people of his generation, with the unoffical power he had as the Queen’s Consort and the official power he had as patron of many trusts, would have done lots worse.

Also I dislike people saying he was a Nazi when he fought against them. I mean he actually went onto battle against them. That’s pretty unfair. Two of his sisters iirc did marry Nazis and he cut off ties with them.

How many fascists cruisers have you blown up?:wink:

Incident in question.

How many of your Frigates have you saved from Nazi bombers.

Incidentally, about a decade ago I was at a dinner in London, where one of the guests was an very inebriated retired Admiral; he got more so as the night progressed. Anyway, this was around the time of Harry’s first tour in Afghanistan, and the Admiral stated his opinion that if Prince Andrew has not been a Royal son, he would have made Admiral easily and his father would have been as well, Philip’s career came to an end when George VI died. Every indication is that he would have reached far, he was the Royal Navy’s youngest First Lieutenant.

Phil has always been fun and should always be encouraged to drink. And a respected naval officer with drunken stories galore, though they are unlikely to be PC.

Does anyone know if the Queen or anyone else has given Prince Philip a dressing down for any of his gaffes, or had to apologize on his behalf?

Well there are these:

Duke of Edinburgh forced to apologise for racist remark
Prince Philip apologizes for remarks on British gun ban
Prince Philip apologizes to Charles