Prince Philip—"England's Dan Quayle"

Leave it to Prince Philip to provide jaw-dropping comedy relief in this time of royal funerals and world unrest!

LONDON (Reuters) - Prince Philip has put his foot in it again – with a joke about dogs and anorexics. Queen Elizabeth’s blunt-talking husband is renowned for gaffes that have caused blushes around the world from China to Australia. And he hit the headlines again on Friday for all the wrong reasons after accompanying the monarch on a round Britain tour to celebrate 50 years on the throne. Speaking to the blind Susan Edwards, wheelchair bound and accompanied by her guide dog, he remarked: “Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?”

Reporters covering Prince Philip on royal tours keep their ears pricked for blunt off-the-cuff quips that often turn into diplomatic incidents. Earlier this year on a trip to Australia, the prince asked Aborigines if they still threw spears at each other. On another trip to Australia in 1998, he asked a student who had just returned from a walking tour in Papua New Guinea: “You managed not to get eaten then?” But perhaps his most famous foreign faux pas came in China in 1986. He told British students: “If you stay here much longer, you’ll all be slitty-eyed.”

I dunno, Quayle was just a regular old buffoon. Sounds like Bonny Prince Phil is more of a racist buffoon.

Oh yeah. Philip’s a grade A asshole.

Actually, Coldie, I don’t think that he’s any better than a Grade B asshole.

Who does the grading? What are their criteria? One must have standards, you know!!

LOL Polycarp! Actually, I suspect it is a bit like motor oil. If you can get “multigrade” motor oil, I think we can safely say that big-eared Phil is a multigrade arsehole.


At least Dan Quayle shut the heck up after a while. Phillip has been up to this crap for 50 years. I couldn’t help but think during the Queen’s address to the joint session of Parliment (on CSPAN) that what they were really celebrating was 50 years of Phillip’s stupid racist jokes.

Well, at least Bush Sr. could take Quayle aside and tewll him to put a sock in it. Who’s going to tell Prince Philip, “Sir, your highness, please do not ever open your silly-arse mouth when out in public?”

The Queen?

The Royal Formerly Known as Mountbatten (TRFKAM) is a prime example of why the “Upper-Class Twit” was once a major caricature in British comedy.


Is this true? Where can I get one?

Queenie: Philliiiiip, do you think it would be possible for one to keep ones royal trap shut?
Phil: Keep ones trap shut? Good god woman, what would you have me do, wear a gag? I speak my mind like any decent chap ought to.
Queenie: It’s just that I overheard some whispering among the servants yesterday. They seemed to be saying that you’re rather out of touch.
Phil: Out of touch? OUT OF TOUCH? I’ll tell you who’s out of touch woman - everyone else, that’s who! You know what their problem is? They’re not us! Not bloody us I tell you! Ought to be SENT HOME. SENT HOME BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM.
Queenie: Has one taken ones pill today?
**Queenie:**Philiiiiip, must we go through this ever time?

::Phillip collapses into a frothing heap as Queenie reaches wearily for the direct line to the Royal Physician once more::

My guess? The old boy’s trolling. He gets bored, and so he purposely makes inappropriate comments just to rile people up. He enjoys the fuss he’s causing.

That’s why I don’t even get upset anymore. He’s just making himself look stupid.

Francesca, that was hysterical. I performed the whole thing as a puppet show just now.

Francesca, that was just SO QUAINT !!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

<----ducks and runs…


I think his antediluvial attitudes are shared by many in the Royal Family.

The Queen Mother, I’m afraid, was adored by thousands that she despised. Her attitudes, it has been reported, and as I believe, were extremely right-wing, ill-informed, and casually racist (ie she wasn’t trying to stir up hatred, she just took it for granted that white people are better than coloured people). She was a jolly old soul, and so, on his good days, was Governor Wallace.

Aristocracy and Royalty get a good press and present well, especially under the present monarch, but beneath all the glitter and polish is the entrenched understanding that some people are born better than others.



I thought the dog joke was kinda funny, myself.

Yes, it might be funny while drinking with a few buddies. But its not particularly funny when told by the husband of a very public monarch at a public event.


I have a strong feeling you’re right. I mean, he must get soo bored following Brenda round on all those walkabouts, and now he KNOWS that he can get himself in the papers with all the damn’ lefty journalists frothing at the mouth whenever he wants, and yet there’s not a damn thing they can do about his behaviour.

What a fantastic game!

I suppose, although for once I actually laughed instead of cringed at one of his jokes.

It also reminds me of the (possibly apocryphal) story of him chatting to the firemen who were busily extinguishing the blaze in Windsor Castle some years back, and saying casually “And what do you do?” to a man in full uniform aiming a hose at a burning building. :rolleyes:

Speaking of anorexics, yesterday’s paper had a picture of Courtney Cox. When did she die? I mean, there wasn’t any mention of her death, but from the picture I’d say she’s obviously gone way past “diet” and into “decomposition”. That girl needs serious help.