Map of Prince Phillip's Gaffes

See here.

Hard to say which is my favorite, although his warning to a bunch of British students in China could be it.

I would have to go for the Dunblaine quote for the most outrageous.

I’ve met him - for all of 2 seconds or so - and he didn’t insult me. I was absolutely gutted.

I’ve always liked the “It looks like it was put in by an Indian” comment regarding a fusebox at a factory he was visiting. In 10 words he managed to insult not only his hosts but, as the comment on the map indicates, around one billion other people. Good old Phil the Greek. :slight_smile:

Could this be one place where the use of Comic Sans is at least partially justified?

If I’d done the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award at school, I might have met him. I mean, my great-grandfather was in the IRA, he could totally have gaffed on that one :frowning:

Dear God No.

Wow, those quotes are just stunning. If it makes you Brits feel any better, at least your fellow countrymen didn’t vote the guy into office or anything.

I have to admit to a certain kind of affection for Prince Phillip. I mean, he’s clearly an ass, but at the same time, given the big concern now over maintaining one’s image, I sort of like that he just says what he feels and doesn’t give a damn about how it seems.

His gaffes do a lot to direct attention away from others in the Royal Family; I would not be surprised that many a pre-planned.

I’ve a lot of respect for him: he served with distinction in WW2, and Princess Anne and Princes Andrew, Harry, and William have clearly inherited a lot from him.

I was surprised to see, included among some of his (unforgivable) gaffes, one or two genuine witticisms. Such as “…something called economy class, which sounds ghastly,” and my favourite, when he asked his wife as she emerged from her coronation, “Where did you get that hat?”

Yeah, I’m gratified to know that there’s another country’s leader who continually makes a buffoon of himself. Your probably isn’t actually evil though, so we’ve still got you beat.

It makes a nice change that someone in a prominent position isn’t terrified that the man in the street,whichever country he comes from,is so thin skinned and ready to take offence at anything at all that isn’t mealy mouthed,meaningless politician speak.

Lets face it the average person has said or at least thought things that are a lot worse then anything he’s ever come out with,not many saints on planet Earth.
He’s also a reminder to Liz that shes human.
Once when he was driving at speed she kept tensing up and hanging on to the seat.
He said to her"keep doing that and I’ll stop the car and you will get out and walk"
She stopped doing it.
Afterwards one of the other passengers said to her"Why did you stop"
To which the Queen said “He meant what he said”

On another occasion at a garden party at Buck. House for ordinary people who had made outstanding contributions to the community(Charity workers etc.)he asked one bloke why he was there(As in what was he being commended for)the bloke said “Oh I’m nobody,I’m only here because the wifes getting an award and I’m in tow”

To which Phil said “Tell me about it!”

I’ve met him and he’s a bloody good bloke,down to earth,straightforward and no airs or graces.

The guy is a comedy genius. He should be given his own show like the Osbournes.

I can forgive pretty much all he says. It’s quite clear he is just trying to be friendly, if a little out of touch.