He worked at Gizmonic Institute...(New MST3K DVDs!)

In a special listing at http://www.mst3kinfo.com/:

I was wondering if and when they were going to release Shorts Volume 3. When I had seen the above listing of the sixth MST3K box set included Mr. B’s Lost Shorts, I was wondering if some snafu had gotten in the way.

The info on the sixth box set:

Gunslinger, starring the fabulous Beverly Garland, was the only MST3K VHS tape aside from the Amazing Colossal Man that hadn’t been rereleased on DVD.

I already ordered my copy of the essentials to get the Shorts 3 disc.

Life can be good at times.

I’m glad they were able to secure the rights to some new Comedy Central episodes. I didn’t buy the last two DVD collections because I already have good recent VHS copies of those episodes.

Cool; thanks for the heads-up. It’d be worth it to have to own a copy of “Manos” (which just makes me sad), if only to have a copy of those shorts. “Design for Dreaming” and “Aquatic Wizards” (“Victory at Sea, Bob!”) are awesome.

I’m disappointed. I have most of the Comedy Central episodes on tape already, but none of the Sci-Fi channel ones, so I was hoping for some more of the latter.

Argh! Enough of the damn Shorts collections already! Make the collections four full episodes!

Yes, I realize that the number of films BBI/Rhino has the rights to is dwindling. I realize that it is much easier to secure the rights to these shorts. And I realize that the shorts are fricking funny as hell. But c’mon, they’re meant to be part of a full episode!

At least they’re digging into the vault for some of the episodes. I was beginning to think it would be all Sci-Fi episode releases from here on out.

Whee! Thanks for the heads-up. I ordered mine. And can’t wait for Vol. 6 - plus, I need to buy a few more of the individual DVDs…

Hey, I love the Shorts collections! In fact, I was severely disappointed when I saw an ad for the MST3K DVDs that said that one of them wasn’t sold in stores, and was (apparently) only available through the TV offer.

Not quite

This is the site for the same offer.