Head of Skate (Disney trailer parody)

This is ostensibly political, but more a commentary on the sort of crap that gets released in the theaters, so I think CS is a good forum for it. The folks over at CollegeHumor were struck by Matt Damon’s comparison of a Palin presidency to a bad Disney movie, and decided to make a trailer for that movie. The result is hilarious.


Brilliantly done.

Kind of clever, but a little “eh.” Although I like the joke that all of the credits at the end are actually top-ranked Nazi officials for some reason.

Sarah Palin actually reminds me a bit in looks (though not as much as Tina Fey does, of course) of an actress on a Disney TV series who plays the assistant to the President…a series which once featured an episode in which the main character had to face off against the prime minister of Russia in a Dance Dance Revolution-style game for custody of Russia. You can’t out-Disney Disney, strange as Palin’s story may be.