Headache relieved by pooping - why?

I have often found that:

[li]Constipation is accompanied by severe headache - and when the former is relieved, the latter goes away.[/li]
[li]If I’m in a situation where I have to delay defecation (for example, a long meeting or journey), I will most likely develop a headache.[/li]
[li]If I already have a headache, it feels abruptly better after a routine visit to the toilet for number 2’s.[/li][/ul]

Why is this?

Never heard of this but I wonder if it’s related to blood pressure.

Or a response by the colon’s stretch receptors?

I’ve never had a bowel related headache, but apparently it is a thing some experience. When my daughter was a toddler she recognized that her headaches would go away after she shat. There were some odd discussions.

Dont know the why but maybe if you get on a routine bowel schedule and poop before you go to work it will be easier on you. The usual suspects: getting up early enough to allow bathroom time after breakfast, hi fiber, adequate liquid intake, adequate exercise, magnesium supplement like “Natural Calm” works well too. HTH

They don’t call it “taking a load off your mind” for nothing. Exercise, even just going for a walk, and a magnesium supplement works great as mentioned. As for your question, I’ll leave it to a doctor to explain why.

“gasotransmitters” may have something to blood pressure control.

My next fortune will be in marketing the hydrochlorothiazide breakfast burrito.

Dehydration causing both headache and constipation? When you’re rehydrated enough to go, the headache goes away as well.

(in my experience anyway)

If you’re clenching muscles to not go, you might not realise that you are clenching all sorts of muscles up your back, neck and even in your face. This can then cause a tension headache. So really, the same reason bad posture or sleeping in a funny position sometimes causes a headache.

When it happens, it’s the same kind of slightly dizzy headache that I would associate with a hangover (often with some distortion of vision - blurring or haloes), and it goes away within a minute or two of defecation.

Is it possible that some bacterial fermentation process in the bowel could be producing a byproduct to which I am sensitive?

Am I the only one who’s NEVER heard it called this?

Kidney stones cause headaches.

Kidney stones can lead to high blood pressure.
The organ’s internal pressure increases, squashing down on arteries in the kidney and restricting the blood flow, and the heart insists it keeps on flowing…

That’s a laxative, yeah I expect it will work. It shouldn’t be used constantly, though.

This is interesting, but how can it be relevant?

The postulate in the OP would’ve made for an entertaining TV commercial.

“When taking a large steaming dump doesn’t relieve your headache, try two Anacin!”

Sorry, I have to do this:

Because you’re a shithead?