Headphone output into AUX IN input: does this work OK?

How well does it work to connect the output of a headphone jack into the aux in input of another audio device?

I’m considering getting this device: Zen Xtra Creative Labs Nomad® 60GB HD Jukebox

which does not have a line out.

I’d like to perhaps use this device to listen to music in my car, connected to my car stereo’s aux in jack.

Can I just connect 'em up with a male-to-male cable likely available at Radio Shack?

It’ll work fine. You might have to futz with the volume a bit to keep the level fairly constant when going from radio/CD to the Nomad. I typically have to keep the volume up higher than I’d use for headphone use when doing this with my iPod or MD players. IME, it seems like some car stereos don’t allow as much gain from the aux in jack.

Thanks for the input (lousy pun not intended). Where did you get the male-to-male cord, Radio Shack?

I did this for a while, too, when most of my music was on tapes and the best speakers I had were on my computer. I plugged my Walkman into the audio in on my computer, and it played fine. I was even able to record a few things onto my computer this way, but this being in the Old Days pre-MP3 and pre-gigabyte hard drives, it wasn’t really a good option. I got the double-male cord from an old pair of headphones which had the cable detachable from the earpieces, but I would imagine that one could buy something similar by itself at Radio Shack.

If you’re just buying this one cable and price is really not a concern, Radio Shack is a good bet. OTOH, if you happen to need several cables, accessories, etc. where you can justify the cost of shipping, BuyExtras.com is a good site with lots of cables at good prices. IMHO, you can never have too many cables or adapters.

You’ve obviously never seen my junk drawer.

Do you have about three VHF-UHF splitter/combiners like I do?

In any case, don’t pay more than 5 bucks for a cable. You don’t need gold-plated connectors or anything like that.

Thanks again all. Now I have to justify the purchase to myself…