Heads-up to my fellow reality sluts

Fear Factor is back tonight – and they’re starting off with a three-part competion with “all your favorite reality stars”: (link) – including Tana and Craig from The Apprentice (be still my “WTF is that relationship about” heart), Jonathan and Victoria from Amazing Race, and Jonny Fairplay and Twila from Survivor.

Oh my god, can this show pander to me or what?

Joe Rogan was on Adam Corolla last week talking about this train wreck. Seems Jonny Assplay was getting in Jonathan’s face (as well as Rogan’s) and Victoria hauled off and belted him in the gut. Good times…

As tired as I am of Fear Factor (and wasn’t it cancelled, BTW?), I’m going to watch this because I hate Jonathan, Johnny Gangsigns AND Joe Rogan. If they are all in a fight, I’m not sure who I would want to see win that one.

And I resent the implication that I’m a reality “slut”. I’m a “junkie”, thankyouverymuch.

On second thought, I watch MANY reality shows and I’m not very discriminating, so I guess I am a slut. Good call, twickster.

ABC’s doing a new “reality-based” (WTF is that?) show starting tonight. Seven women in a book club, sharing secrets and problems. If they actually talk about books, it might be interesting.

Seriously. What does “reality-based” mean? It’s either reality or it’s not, isn’t it? I saw a snippet and the women didn’t look like actors.

Even if I watched Fear Factor, I took a solemn vow never to set eyes upon another production that featured * and Victimia. Ever. Add in the loathesomeness of Jonny Assplay and I’m staying all the way on the other side of the dial…

I am totally watching this mess right now. And I know I’m not the only person who hopes that Carmen-the-Goat-Girl and A-Fed beat the living snot out of Jonathan and Victoria. Am I?

Yes I am a reality slut. Now THAT was good tv. Go Joe!


* and Victoria have been eliminated. Victoria started freaking out and Jonny Fairplay egged her into a full-tilt meltdown. She quit the stunt.

Eh … I am slightly disappointed. I mean, seriously: Carmen could have kicked Jonathan’s ass. Shoot, Trishelle with her drink on could have kicked Jonathan’s ass. Now that would have been funny.

True but seeing Jonathan in a headlock was worth the whole show.

Am I the only one who thinks it seemed staged?

That was the best Fear Factor ever. I don’t watch American Idol, The Amazing Race, or The Apprentice, but god help me I can’t stay away from Survivor or the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. (Except I missed the Johnny Fairplay season of Survivor.) I can’t get enough of dopey obstacle courses, and the meat of tonight’s episode was an excellent fix for my habit.

Watching Twila literally drag Johnny Fairplay through the mud was hysterical. The interview with The Miz during that was funny, but I was thinking “you better be careful, you’ll have to back that trash-talking up when it’s your turn.” He then swam the friggin’ mud like a man possessed. He was exactly right in that he looked like Arnold from Predator; I was rolling from that interview.

Given all that I know about the Miz and Trishelle from the 17 billion challenges they’ve been on, I don’t see any way they don’t win this. Mike may be humanity’s most accomplished “dopey physical challenge” competitor, and I’m pretty sure there is nothing on god’s green earth Trishelle wouldn’t put in her mouth, so I think they’re a mortal lock to win the 150 large.

Probably not the only one, but I thought it seemed genuine. Rogan’s comment about how he didn’t care if they beat on each other was pretty offensive, you have to admit. That could easily set off a short-tempered guy.

Plus, I think Joe did it deliberately. That guy is a nut when it comes to MMA; he not only calls matches for the UFC, but he also trains with the fighters. I guarantee you he’s dying for a chance to hand somebody (anybody!) a beat-down.

Johnny Fairplay was wrong about Joe Rogan being 100x tougher than Jeff Probst, if only because that’s giving Probst too much credit. Rogan is an animal.

It’s supposedly real life video of their lives.

Yeah, they do sort of strike me as ringers, but I have to say: This is the one and only time I’ve voluntarily watched “Fear Factor,” so this particular instance of stunt-casting did exactly what it was supposed to do. I wish they would have gotten “real” reality “stars,” but that concept is pretty subjective anyway, I suppose.

Eh, this was on in another room and it gave me a headache.

“You can’t just assault people!”


You forgot to add “nobody”…

Looking on Jonathan’s web page (which leads to this linked interview, the fight as shown was editted. We missed a couple of “Rogan hits Jonathan, Jonathan falls down and tries to get up, repeat step A” cycles.

Linky to see the whole incident.

I would’ve loved to see Jonathan eat something nasty, then blame Victoria for him not being able to eat the nasty.