Who Wants to Be a Hilton

Okay, I watched it. I … nah, not gonna explain how it happened – up till about 8:30 I thought I was gonna be able to avoid it, but …

And I was pleasantly surprised. The premise is offensive, the casting is … calculated … but the execution was pretty good. The idea of the team coaching the representative through an earpiece is pretty damn funny.

And, yeah, having seen it once, I’m in for the rest of the season.

Any one else want to come clean on this?

What was that? Five pounds of chocolate? :wally

I liked it too. But I missed the first few minutes. What does the winner get? It looks like they’re vying for acceptance into elite society. How does that translate to a prize? A job as someone’s social secretary or something?

I like the tag line: “You’re not on the list.” Cold!

A year’s stay in a fancy apartment and a $200K trust fund.

Thanks, twickster. That’s a good start (on something) for whoever wins.

I’m partial to Jackaay, but it’s early yet.

I was watching it with one of my IM pals/fellow reality junkies, and she was drawing a distinction between the folks who want the money (like Latricia), and those who want “the lifestyle” (like, she thought, Alain, who got booted). I’m not entirely sure whether or not there such a distinction exists in the minds of the contestants.

No real likes or dislikes yet – other than Miss Tampa, who is obviously one of the latter. I loved the stunned silence after she burst into song last night.

Was she too old for American Idol? She has a nice voice, but man, that was inappropriate.

Is this a real show? (I thought you were making a joke). Gotta link?

For you, mon cher… linky. (You still love me even though I’m a reality TV slut, right?)

Be serious… who doesn’t love a slut?


I know this goes without saying, but the whole premise is ridiculous. Teaching these people about manners? Wine tasting? Refining their palates? Half of America has seen Paris Hilton- that refined young debutante, that high scoiety dame, paradigm of class- give a blow job close up and step out of a car, no doubt just out of the Mickey D’s drivethru, sans undewear. And Nicky Hilton has the conversational skills of a rabbit. Who the hell does Mrs. Hilton think she’s kidding?

I’m waiting for, “Who Wants to Crack a Hilton Over the Head with Rebar.”