The Bachelorette

Guilty pleasure, but I thought it was pretty good. Did anyone else watch this last night? The guys were exceptionally gorgeous and Trista seems like a nice girl.

Watching this and Joe Millionaire within a couple days of each other, I have to say (and yes, I know how absurd this sounds given what the shows are about) that this really is a much classier operation than Joe M.


The meat in the reality show sandwich – after Star Search and before Celebrity Mole. I was in hog heaven last night.

I didn’t think most of the guys were all that good-looking; but it’s so hard to tell any of them apart this early.

Did anyone notice how she really struggled with the first boutonniere (sp?) and then the others just slipped on? I’m guessing there was some scurrying around in between while they figured out those logistics…

I didn’t think I would like it, but I watched it anyway. I mean–The Bachelor had the attraction, for me, of lots of beautiful women. This show only has one. But, damn! Trista is pretty enough all by herself to make me watch. And it was pretty funny seeing all the guys trying to impress her with their sincerity, and then joking about it with each other afterward–trying to look cool to the other guys. And some of them had such huge egos that they were just stunned when they weren’t picked. Too funny. Oh, and I’m glad she picked the funny guy at the end. He’ll provide some entertainment for at least one more show.

I like how she looked at each of them like they were the only guy on the show.

I still haven’t figured out why a nice pretty woman like her has to get on a show like this to find a guy. Looks like a lottery of sorts of all the guys who wrote in wanting her after the last show.

How about that one guy who was like “I put my business on hold for this!” Yeah, that’s a reason to pick you over the other 24 dudes who were all going to spend the summer lounging at the pool.



Am I the only guy who thought she was kind of ugly? I didn’t watch the show, but I haven’t watched ANY of these types of shows. I saw the previews, and that was enough for me.

I wouldn’t hit a dog in the ass with this chick.

Really? I think she’s pretty stunning. Maybe you caught her at a bad angle.


Maybe so, Cliffy. Then again, I’m not one for conventional beauty, so maybe I just don’t recognize it. This girl just reminded me of Jenny McCarthy’s little sister or something.

Why does Trista keep picking Ryan? He looks like a shy little kid to me. Maybe it’s the combination of being a firefighter who writes poetry. Bleah. She coulda kept Bob! Poor Bob.

Notice she went for three creative types: Russ is a writer, Ryan writes poems, and Greg writes songs. I wonder if she likes the way Russ is knocking himself out to get her. He seems almost egotistical.

If I were in her position, I’d be wondering how the men would behave if they weren’t in this exclusive, competitive (and luxurious) situation, where they’re sharing living quarters with the competition. They’re all going to have to go back to the real world soon. They seem to get along well, though. I suppose many or all of them saw Trista on The Bachelor and she piqued their interest.

My guess? I think Charlie’s got it wrapped up.

This is the luckiest girl on earth. Seriously. The guys are all so NICE. They may be some actors, but they’ve got me fooled. I love Charlie, he’s just perfect. And Ryan is also great, if not a bit dumb. Russ is a jerk. My vote is definitely with Charlie.

My prediction – it’s going to come down to Russ and Charlie, everyone’s going to be rooting for Charlie, and she’ll pick Russ because there’s some ineffable spark between them that none of us can see. That’s exactly what happened between Aaron, Helene and Brooke – Brooke was by far the “better” choice, but there was something about Helene that snagged Aaron from the moment he met her.


She probably doesn’t, but it’s ABC’s way of switching the roles and attempting to deflect some of the criticisms of “The Bachelor”, i.e. it shows women as somewhat shallow, somewhat materialistic, all obsessed with finding Mr. Right (who must be both rich and handsome). Best take on it I ever read was Heather Havrilesky’s in Salon.

I say “somewhat” because the raison d’etre of “Joe Millionaire”, ostensibly, is to find out just how materialistic the women who go on these reality dating shows are.

I like how she makes each one of them seem like they are the right one. I think she is the actor, not them.

Why? Because she was young and blonde and had big boobs? Helene was obviously the better choice. Aaron might have had fun for a minute with Brooke, but the long term best choice was Helene. She had brains and beauty, and a nice edge to her–that’s what Aaron liked.

This illustrates the mysteries of attraction. I don’t know that I could stand to talk to Helene for more than five minutes – that whole laughing after every sentence, no matter how innocuous, really bugs me.


Charlie’s cute but he’s got to lose the no-sleeve shirts!

I don’t watch the show, but my roommate and her friend do, and according to them, recently, the Bachelorette (Trista, I take it), got caught speeding with the guy she picked on the show. Apparently, this was on E! I don’t remember who they said she was with- I think Charlie?- but either way, for fans this is supposed to be a BIG DEAL…there’s also speculation as to whether ABC will be suing them.

Hey! Spoiler box! :frowning:

Well, after Wednesday’s show (1/29), all I can say is Ryan seems like the perfect guy for her. That kiss at sunset - WOW!! If she ends up picking someone else, women will be flocking to Vail to meet Ryan!

Trista is interesting. She’s very pretty in that petite, kittenish, sorority-girl kind of way, and then she’s got a master’s degree and a real profession, so she ain’t no slouch in the brains department. If she were in a normal dating situation, she could easily date any of these men for a while and spend more time getting to know them. But they’re all so different - how does she choose among them?

Ryan and Charlie had the nicest families. I liked to see how Ryan opened up and Russ relaxed when they were at home. I liked Charlie’s brother’s concerns about Trista tending to look for glamor and excitement in life - not saying that I agree with him, necessarily, but it was interesting to hear someone make the point.