The Bachelor -- season premiere

Damn, where are my fellow fans?

First off – I was delighted when they picked Bob – but we were only halfway through the parade of bachelorettes when I realized his giggle is going to get seriously on my nerves.

It’s so hard telling them apart this early – but I think I like Meredith.

I was sorry the firefighter didn’t get picked, but glad he gave the twins a pass. Too kinky.

Bringing his mom in was a little kinky, ne c’est pas?

And – in the previews – do you think we really have a suicide attempt to look forward to?

First impressions, anyone?

I have never watched any incarnation of the Bachelor. However, I did find myself watching to see the women as they were introduced, and ended up seeing who was picked.

Meredith short-circuited my brain; good golly was she beautiful. I’m hoping that she slips in the tub rather than suicide. I probably won’t be watching to find out.

I don’t understand what those women saw in that Bob character.

The Bachelor has been a guilty pleasure since the beginning; despite knowing better my wife and I have watched every incarnation (including Bachelorette!).

And yeah, yeah, "Bob is great, Bob is good, " but PLEASE! These women were crying on the the first episode! You’ve known him all of, what, 3 hours? You’re “getting your heart broken” on national television? Get a freakin’ grip, girl.

I’ve also noticed that in each season they include a couple of token minorities. One always makes it to the second round, but never past that. So I’m curious to see what will happen with the African-American woman he chose last night.

I thought that despite the deafening “We love Bob!” chorus, it was obvious that many of them were there just because of the cameras.
Word to Twickster on Bob’s nervous laugh. I thought he would be funnier, but maybe he’s just overwhelmed right now.
Judging from the previews, he doesn’t seem to have any compunction about making out with most of the girls.
I am also glad someone else noticed that Meredith was definitely the hottest one there. Bob picked some questionable girls [ahem]Kelly Jo[/ahem].
Did Leeann annoy the hell out of anyone else?

I have watched all the Bachelors with my wife and it keeps getting worse and worse.

All of these women are crazy. They all think they know him because he was on TV before and that is just plain strange. Who falls in love with someone from TV? And the crying already? And saying that they already want to marry him?

What the hell is Bob thinking going on this show thinking he can find a “wife” out of 25 girls that are obsessed with him. And since they don’t really know him, don’t that give him an enormous amount of pressure to live up to their expectations?

This might not make sense, but the point is that I think they are all nuts: the physco obsessed girls and the man that wants to date them.

I like Jen (the first one out of the limos) and I think I like Meredith, but I’m not sure yet. I liked Lee-Anne (sp?) at the beginning but I tired of her cutely desparate thing pretty quickly. (The previews indicate that she’s willing to throw down, though, which might be interesting.) I actually liked Kelly Jo too – she was a lot prettier when she pulled that bit of hair off her face.

Like CCYMan I too notice that the minority girls usually make it one or two rounds before they’re sent home, but, c’mon, Karin is smokin’; on first impressions it seems like she might be around for awhile.

I thought Bob was right to get rid of the twins – they played the twin thing up too much. If they dressed differently and didn’t stand next to each other all night maybe he could have gotten to know one of them but as it was they sold themselves as a package deal. At this early stage it wouldn’t be worth it to waste two spots on them.


I read somewhere that after the first show Bob stayed single for a whole year, which is probably baloney. I only watched part of the rose ceremony for this new one because not much happens in the first show & the important stuff is shown next week.

BTW, according to thesmokinggun, they left things a bit untidy:
“Suing The Bachelor” for $45,000. The Chytens claim that when the cast and crew vacated the two-acre spread, they left behind holes in the walls, a rodent and poisonous spider infestation, discarded feminine hygiene products, and other assorted damage and debris. The couple is seeking $5 million in damages."

I was a little creeped out by how obsessed some of the girls already are. Who was the one who wanted to marry him so she could “be his slave and rub his feet when he got home?” Was it the same girl who kept talking about how she is saving herself for marriage?

Some of them already have little fantasies all worked out, about how their wedding will be with Bob, and how they will be home with the kids when Bob comes home from work and makes everything ok, how they want to be married by 25 and have 2.5 kids with Bob by the time they are 28. “All girls dream their whole lives about being married!” Seriously ick. More than a little disturbed by some of them. I could not believe how upset that one girl was after being cut -“whyyyy? I understand people have thier heart (sob) broken (sob) but Whyyyy Meeeee?” Hello - You don’t know Bob! You are not in love with him! He does not know you! Therefore he cannot break your heart!

If I was Bob I would be running for the hills. He is my favorite bachelor so far because he did seem like the most ‘normal’ guy but I fear for him. I did notice a few seemingly nice and respectable women in the group so hopefully he ends up with one of them.

Should be the best season yet in terms of drama!

“It’s the greatest gift that a woman can give!” Yep, there is nothing men fantasize about more than starting a new life with someone who is bad in bed and has no idea what she actually likes to do.

Drama, yes – but I repeat the question from the OP – what did that one woman find when she went into the bathroom, before everyone left for the hospital. Are we really going to have our first Reality Show Suicide Attempt?

Surely not, or they wouldn’t be recruiting for someone to be the next Bachelor…

Especially a guy that’s already been divorced. At least you gotta giver her props for telling him right away - can you imagine if she’s one of the last three? “Oh by the way…I’m a virgin.” :eek:

The best part about this incarnation will be all the “funny” girls that try and be funny b/c they think Bob is funny. It’s already started - how long do you think that one girl practiced her line “I’ll take one of you with nothing on it!!”

That, and the waaaaay over-the-top laughing responses to his jokes, which is already annoying.

My guess is she either drank too much and hurt herself, or just had some kind of panic attack / hyperventilated. I’m betting it’s not an actual suicide attempt. I know they screen the applicants with psychological testing and I would hope they would be able to eliminate someone who would kill themselves over The Bachelor.

slu, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say a guy like Bob doesn’t get this kind of attention from women very often.

He figures he’ll never get another opportunity to be around a bunch of women who worship him, so why not?

(Plus, he gets to be on TV and probably gets a decent sized check.)

A shallow take on the situation, yes, but I’m just telling it like it is (since we can smell our own :wink: )

Didn’t see the show, but loved this typo on the ABC recap:

“Misty gets upset when she has to share her time getting to knob Bob with someone else, and is then interrupted by Estella, who steals Bob away.”

I don’t know how long that mistake will stay up there, but it made me do quite the doubletake. They’re knobbing, already!?