Could someone please explain 'The Bachelor' to me?

Does the woman Bob (that’s his name, right? I’ve only seen one episode) picks win a pile of money or something? Otherwise, what is the motivation for a bunch of gorgeous, bright, and nice women to throw themselves at a guy who looks like Wally Cleaver and has the personality of a cheerful sack of flour? AND who is cheating on all of them with all of the rest? And why are they so busted up if he doesn’t pick them?

“Joe Millionaire” at least makes sense because the greed is palpable. You can see the wheels turning in their heads, “Can I put up with this bozo long enough to work out decent alimony?” And with $80 million dangling in front of their noses the question “Can she do better?” is answered with “Probably not.” But if the prize for winning “The Bachelor” is down around a measly million then yes, these women can do a whole lot better. Maybe even find somebody with a personality.

And if Bob doesn’t pick Mary she’s going to cut his heart out and give it to Quetzalcoatl. I know that look she was giving him. But her mom is likely to kill him if he DOES pick her. He’s stuck.

I think their motivation is the sure-to-come multiple appearances on ABC shows like Good Morning America, and the 15+ minutes of fame that comes along with that, not to mention possible future opportunities for “fame and fortune”.

My prediction FWIW is that Kelly Jo is the one Bob chooses. Estella freaked out too much and the culture differences with Mary’s family may prove to be too much for Bob to handle. He seemed to click the most with Kelly Jo.

Bob was on a prior ‘The Bachelor’ show on the other side but he was not chosen, thus they watched him for a year, he was on lots of tv talk shows. So they decided to put him up this time where he can choose a woman. No one really knows what kind of prize they may give him later.

{warning: I am about to get even more shallow than usual}

Estella’s the one with “the nose?” I am no fan of elective cosmetic surgery but wouldn’t that woman’s insurance cover straightening her nose after whatever accident she was in? It’s pointing east when she’s walking north. If she listened to Toucan Sam and “followed the nose” she’d walk in very tight circles.

I agree with your predictions.