The Bachelor -- 11/5

Well, my latest suitor called last night at 9:45 last night, and I didn’t want to say “I’m watching `The Bachelor,’ can I call back in 15 minutes” – so I missed the audio to the rose ceremony. I saw who he cut, and assume it was about the age/kids thing – did either of them say anything of interest?

And, yikes, I can’t believe he slept with all three of them.

Double posted – I’ll ask to have this one closed, so pls. post in the other one if you’ve got anything to say. Thanks!

I think this is the thread that will stay open. Anyway, Bob said to Mary that even though she offerred to put kids off for five years that he wasn’t sure that he would be ready in five years to have kids. WTF? He’s 32 and DIVORCED. I really don’t know if I want to have my kids when I am 37?
I am pretty sure he picked Estella just so that Mary wouldn’t have be ditched in the final episode. Estella doesn’t seem like she would be all that upset. K-Joe is a lock.

My money’s on Estella.

Let’s not forget that Estella looks exactly like his ex-wife and “best friend” - so I think she’s got an in. Plus, she’s funnier than Kelly Jo and they seem to get along better.

Kelly Jo is too young for him, IMO.

[sub]I can’t believe I’m hooked on this lame show[/sub]

I liked Bob much better before he became the Bachelor. Now I think he’s a sleazeball.

I can’t listen to Estella talk without getting irritated. Her voice is all breathy and little girly and she uses baby-talk. Plus she has seemed a little erratic at times and seems to panic thinking about him seeing other women, which is the point of the show. I’ve liked Kelly Jo since the beginning, they seem like they have fun together and she doesn’t appear to get as worked up and overly emotional as some of the other girls. She looks like she is still having fun.

Did he say he actually had sex with all of them? I wonder if some of them spent the night together but didn’t actually get it on.

I admit to watching every season of The Bachelor. I don’t make a point to watch many shows but this is my mindless, stupid addiction.