The Bachelor - 10/22

First of all let me just say:
Lee Ann is gone!!!

:: Happy Dance ::

God that woman was delusional!

I’m disappointed he picked Estella(whom he keeps saying is amazing, and I just don’t see it) and sent home Brooke(who I thought was the prettiest of all the girls).

Also, my wife and I have taken to calling him SpongeBob because his laugh sounds just like SpongeBob.

Any other thoughts?

Chris W

Kelly Jo is also kind of creepy – calm down and back off, girl! – but he seems to like her, yikes!

His laugh is actually less annoying to me than it was in the first (two-hour) episode, when he did nothing but giggle nervously.

And what was with the Jamie cameo last night?

I just loved how Lee-Ann thinks Bob got rid of her because of something the girls in the house told him. I don’t recall a single time they talked about her to Bob.

I can’t wait for the reunion show where all the girls are together and how they will respond to Lee-Ann.

I think next to go will be Estella. I predict it will come down to Kelly-Jo and Mary.

We were going to make a drinking game out of The Bachelor. Two ideas were to drink every time he did that woodpecker laugh, or every time he kissed someone.

But in either case we realized quickly that we’d be wasted well before the first commercial break.

I like Kelly Jo. She seemed so superficial at the beginning but I don’t think that’s accurate.

I also felt a little sorry for Lee Anne. Not that I wanted her to stay, but it’s never any fun being alone.

Other than riserius was anyone surprised that Brooke got turned loose? I mean, she seemed nice enough but unfortunately for her she never really got much of a chance.