Bachelorette finale -- SPOILERS

I am absolutely astonished. I am completely flabbergasted.

I never in a million years would have predicted she’d pick Ryan. Apparently the ego rush of his adoration of her is the main thing she’s looking for – because, ew, his poetry is du merde.


I totally agree on the poetry thing…very dumb. Does anyone think their relationship will last? I predict it goes the way of Aaron and Helene’s and just as fast. These shows are so stupid, and I am ashamed to admit I watch them out of curiosity.

My husband and I were stunned, too.

I think her ultimate reason was dead wrong–that Charlie wasn’t really in love with her. Well, what the hell does she expect? This process should be about finding a prospect. THEN you spend a few months getting to know each other WITHOUT the cameras, without the competition, without the fancy paid-for romantic settings.

I don’t have a problem believing that Ryan fell in love. The man is a huge sappy teddy bear. But for Trista to hold that up as the gold standard for how someone should feel about her after this bizarrely artificial dating process is very flawed, IMHO.

I’ll bet they’ll last, though. I just didn’t like her reasoning.

I wonder if they were sort of tied, and she let herself go for Ryan because she felt Charlie would bounce back better than Ryan did. I mean, my husband said “I hope it doesn’t hurt my ears when Ryan’s heart shatters into a million pieces.” That is, before we saw the actual ending. I was seriously worried for the guy.

Interesting point, Cranky, about Charlie being better able to bounce back. That would be because he’s a hell of a lot more mature than Ryan is. Here it is, the next morning, and I’m still completely shaking my head about this. Trista seemed pretty together (well, as together as someone could be who’d go through this whole ridiculous process not just once but twice), and yet she made a beeline for the boy, not the man.

Pah. I wash my hands of them. Well, I’ll wash my hands of them after I watch the follow-up show tonight. Then I’ll completely wash my hands of them (because reading the follow-up stories that follow them until their ultimate breakup, whenever it is, just don’t count).

Ew, that “I want kids and grandkids and the white dress and…” speech was so… creepy. Rethinking the whole last show, knowing now what we never would have imagined then, is so… creepy.

Ryan was on the Dan Patrick show yesterday, and it couldn’t have been more obvious that he wasn’t going to be chosen. But now that I think about it, he must have been stringing Patrick along. Considering the ultimate outcome, it must have gotten on his nerves that the radio guys were describing Trista as “high maintenance” and “not worth it” and alleging that Ryan “won by losing”. So Ryan laid out the line and let them swim.

He’s Keyser Soze.

I haven’t been following this show (caught up in the world of Joe Millionaire instead), but I saw Trista on Regis and Kelly on Tuesday, and she claimed to still be in a serious relationship with the guy she chose. I might have gotten that wrong, but I seem to remember thinking “Well, hunh!”

Happy viewing :slight_smile:

MSN’s report began: “Roses are red, violets are blue, ‘The Bachelorette’ is history, and Charlie is too.”


I was too! I felt actual dread in my stomach as I anticipated that sappy, fragile heart being stomped on.

But then about halfway through the show they showed Charlie saying something like “I’m pretty confident that I’ll be the one she choses.” I guess I’ve watched too much reality TV, because that bit of editing was my first clue they were setting us up for a suprise. This was a hard lesson learned way, way back during the first “Survivor” series. Every week, the carefully chosen sound bites led us to believe that THIS was finally the episode where they would vote off that goat-felching fucknugget Richard, and every week we had our hopes dashed. Anyway, so this time I saw it coming based on what they chose to show us.

Nonetheless, my reaction was still, and I quote, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!”

I thought she would pick Charlie too but, even though she did not, Charlie is going to have a long long line of women waiting for him when he gets home.

I am surprised, too, but then again, so much is lost in the editing that it is really hard to tell much about their actual relationships. I agree that Charlie came across as more mature, I though Ryan just seemed a little too “lost puppy” for me. I like men to be a little more emotionally strong, but he must not be a complete emotional wreck to be a firefighter. They really didn’t play up the whole firefighter angle much, though.

I’m sure there are plenty of women who would love to help Charlie get over Trista, so I won’t feel bad for him for too long.

The poet won?? Then I have hope yet!!!

Not to be negative or anything, capacitor, but please tell us you write real poetry, not that third-grade AABBCC crap that Ryan was spewing.:wink:

His painting wasn’t bad, tho’, huh?

I was surprised too, but like many others I was dreading what might happen to poor Ryan once Trista spurned him, so it’s probably best for all concerned. Anyway, I hope these two crazy kids can make it work – Aaron and Helene have obviously cratered and, tho’ Alex and Amanda are still together, they live hundreds of miles away from each other and I don’t think they have any real chance of making a life together.


I think Alex and Amanda are on not-so-good terms now. Trista revealed that Alex contacted her the next day with a plaintive “I may have made a mistake letting big boobs make my decision” and they were in touch for at least a while. Amanda apparently was not thrilled to hear this.

It disgusts me that I know these details.

I just read something on E!Online about this. The article said that Alex and Amanda are over with because she found out that he still has feelings for Trista. Is this verified, because a company with an exclamation point in its name doesn’t exactly signal Serious Journalism to me.

“Way to go” Aaron & Helene for making their melt-down count toward their 15 minutes.

Salon had a nice piece on the way the show was edited.

I wonder what Dr. Phil would say to Aaron & Helene…

Trista must have been reading from a script sometimes cause she was wearing her glasses.

Alex is a friend of a friend and last I heard they’re still “together” (to the extent that they ever were).