"The Bachelor" season finale (spoilers)

I have kind of had this season “on” without really watching it – nothing much else on Monday nights, I was watching True Beauty, I’d end up with this murmuring in the background while I was playing online Scrabble, etc. Didn’t even start paying that much attention till they were down to four or five girls (sic).

So, of the last three, he got rid of the one I liked best (the Canadian, I don’t even remember her name) and he’s down to two pretty damn interchangeable ones, and he’s utterly torn, and he’s truly got strong feelings for both, and I’m thinking “okay, whatever,” though you’d think by the final two he’d have some kind of inkling.

So, down to the last two, and he gets rid of the one I liked better … until, yikes, the “After the Rose” show. What. The. Fuck. Bad enough that this guy can’t make up his fucking mind – but he brings his fiance onto national TV to blindside her with his decision to dump her – how fucking sadistic is that? – and tells the other he wants to try again. (She kept looking at Chris Harrison, like, “what!!!” – understandably.)

Can’t wait till “After the Rose, Pt. 2” tonight –

I just keep thinking about Ty – what must it be like for him to have his father being such a goddamn tool on TV? He may not be getting teased now, but you know all his little friends’ mothers are watching this and gossiping like mad.

I’ve never seen this show before this season. I always noted with smirking derision that these hookup reality shows never result in a long-term relationship (as a matter of fact, there have been as many weddings resulting from *Survivor *as from The Bachelor/Bachelorette).

But I got sucked in this time, when my daughter, and then my wife, got hooked and dragged me down with them.

I can’t believe they toyed with my emotions like that! Bastards.

But when you think about it…“the chemistry changed?” Well, no shit. The cameras are off. Your relatives are no longer on their best behavior. Her friends, ditto. You don’t have producers telling you what to do any more. No longer is every day Barbie’s Dream Date – instead of bungee jumping in New Zealand, you have to decide between seeing a chick flick at the multiplex, or getting wings & beer with your loser friends at TGI Friday’s. They seriously expect anyone to get to know anyone else under these circumstances?

Oh, and don’t forget that you also have the memory of this other beautiful women that you went on multiple Barbie Dream Dates with and never had to chose between a chick-flick and TGIF with and maybe, just maybe, the disappointment of the reality of non-“reality”-TV life is just because you picked the wrong one and not because life really is a series of not-made-for-TV moments… better dump this no-longer-fun ball-and-chain (preferably on national TV if possible) and try to hook up with the other girl…

Is it any wonder that there is just as much success generating long-term relationships on Survivor? Which is more like real life - series after series of dream dates with 25 beautiful men/women, or struggling for survival while competing against your fellow man/woman for rewards and trying to forging trustworthy relationships to get ahead of your rivals?

Not that I watched or anything…

I don’t find it at all surprising that the process would fail to lead to everlasting love – but to decide a quick six weeks later that you had misread the coin toss, and to use the oppty. of the follow-up show to dump one and hook up with the other … tacky. Seriously tacky.

I am afraid to admit that I, too, have been watching this train wreck of a season. I have learned a few things along the way:

  1. This guy is a wishy-washy flake who cannot make up his mind.
  2. This guy appears to incredibly self-centered when it comes to emotions. Breaking up with one gal on television, then courting the next, then doing the same thing with the gals reversed…
  3. People who go on this show have issues.
  4. Anyone expecting to find “true love” while their dream man/woman is dating other people is kooky-wacky-crazy-nuts. There is no time for reflection, discussion, or growth when you leave one date (and make-out session) sleep on it, then have another dream date the next day.
  5. Molly deserves Jason… anyone willing to take him back after all that appears equally clueless and self-centered.

That said, I liked Melissa and Jillian the best, and think they both dodged a bullet with this guy. As twickster stated, his kid can’t come out of this unaffected… Oh, I’ll watch the “after the after the rose” show, for much of the same reasons people watch auto racing…

What can they possibly fill an hour with? I predict he ends up back with Melissa or with DeAnna before the night is done.

East Grand Rapids outclasses Dallas, but does Molly really want reheated leftovers?
It played out just like the producers wanted it to…but the spoilers were out there, even the GR press had the real scoop a week ago.

And Mika on mornin Joe was sputtering mad about the show being in the news.

Inever watch yet I know whats going on?

I haven’t followed the show but I tuned in for the last ten minutes or so of the second hour last night. I’m glad there’s a thread, because I didn’t know there had been a long break after he made his first choice.

What a tool.

From the little bit I saw, Molly didn’t seem too enthusiastic about being chosen. She tried to fake it though (not very well). Maybe she was thinking about follow-up shows and more screen time. Or maybe she just didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Assuming he has any.

So was this why the previews showed him crying on that balcony? Because he was dumping his first choice?

Can’t wait to see what The Dish has to say. :smiley:

I have a hard time believing anyone at all will remember this guy or any other reality show contestant after a year or two. If he was in school right now he might get teased but he will be old news by the time it would matter.

I never watched an episode yet I know what is going on because the GR media won’t shut up about it. Wow, Molly is from Grand Rapids, therefore we all must be so interested in The Bachelor this season!

meh. Like others have said, I don’t know why anyone expects anything but brief media attention and broken relationships from these shows.

In an effort to make me having to watch this show bearable, I bet with my wife on who was going to win.

I picked Melissa. I had to pay her back 20 minutes later.

Hell, there’s one more hour tonight – who knows where that fiver is going to end up … :wink:

Well, he managed to not answer the one question that needed an answer: “If you weren’t 100% sure who you wanted to be with, why the hell did you propose to either of them?” IIRC, a bachelor from a season I didn’t watch decided to do exactly that – not propose to either – when push came to shove. That’s integrity. Or at least as much integrity as anyone who would appear on one of these shows would have.

And though I loved Gillian (see “Canadian whose name I can’t think of,” above), I’m kind of sorry she’ll be back for the next season – I am feeling ever so slightly disillusioned with this approach to finding True Love. :eek:

(Won’t stop me from flipping through People when I’m in line at the supermarket this weekend, though.)

So, what happened last night? I’m betting he proposed to the other woman. Anyone who would date that douche after watching the entire season has serious issues.

It was obvious to me that the producers of the show were paying the parties involved to air their dirty laundry during the “After the Final Rose” show. No one in their right mind would agree to do a break up on national television otherwise.

Nope, they’re not engaged – though madly in love.

The Melissa – the dumpee – didn’t appear in the show aired last night, which was taped 6 weeks after the show aired Monday night.

Did anyone notice last night that he kept saying the main difference between Molly and Melissa was that Molly was his “best friend”? Uh, isn’t that the reason he gave for dumping Jillian? That she was too much of a “best friend”? I thought for sure Jillian was going to bring that up.

So Jillian’s the next bachelorette? Great. Just when I thought I was done with the effin’ hot dog theory. Can’t wait to see how many dorks bring that up right out of the limo.

I think the reason so many “The Bachelor” couples don’t end up staying together despite being “madly in love” is because the show puts them in a totally unrealistic environment. The qualities that make two people compatible when it comes to going on fantasy dates in exotic locales aren’t really the ones that make two people compatible when it comes to an actual relationship.

I think for next season they ought to do things like give them an overnight date, and then stick them an infant who wakes up crying every two hours. If they can successfully negotiate who gets the 3 AM feeding, maybe they can handle an actual relationship together.

Even then, if you make it past the beer vs. chick-flick stage, then you will start spending nights together during the week. Then one of you gets the flu and you get to hear the projectile vomiting and the shit splash against the bowl.

She gets to watch you scratching your balls, drinking beer alone and yelling at the football game.

If you get past that, then you have money and family issues to fight about. I agree with the other posters in that marriage is a terribly difficult thing to keep together and dream dates in far off destinations do nothing to help you determine if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. The idea that you should is a terrible implication of this show.

I also agree that this Jason guy is a total heel. You don’t proposal to someone when you spent the previous day making out with another person. It is hard enough without that confusion. The guy seems like he needs a dopamine high; it’s probably why his first marriage ended.

It seems to me that the only way to make this work would be if, emotionally, you could form an attachment to one woman half-way through the process. String the others along just for the benefit of the show’s viewers and producers, but go all the way to the end with your selection.

This presumes that you can control your emotions that well; and that you can make a potentially life-changing decision on the basis of 5 dream dates (as opposed to 10 dream dates). So, on second thought…no way in hell can this show ever work. (yes, I know, it did once.)

I was hoping for the re-bound chick to let the guy have it - but she just dropped 50 IQ points instead and took him back. What’s frightening is that this guy has a kid - and that he’s the primary parent. Though to a certain degree these people deserve everything that they get - love isn’t a game show.

It might be fun to do a roller derby version of this thing.

That’s essentially what happened back in S2 with Aaron and Helene, but it didn’t work. They broke up by the time the show aired.