Your Bachelor predictions.

Who will this loser end up with? My prediction - he’ll choose Trista, propose, and she’ll turn him down.

What do you think?

That is precisely what I think will happen as well.

Gah! There’s too much good television on tonight - I’ll have to miss the first half hour of the “Bachelor Reunion Special”! I’m such a sucker for reality television.

I predict that I won’t care this week either.

I have never really cared for the whole reality TV deal. Now the Friends baby shower episode, that I’ve gotta watch.

Trista better take it. I can’t stand Amanda.

In my office, one person is taping the Bachelor, one’s taping Survivor, and one’s taping Friends. We’re going to watch them together over lunch in one of the conference rooms. Woo hoo!

because Amanda will make sure she knows about dessert in New York. :wink: But what do I know, my prediction was Shannon from the beginning.

Yea, I’ve watched the whole pathetic show. Go ahead, shun me!:stuck_out_tongue:

We all saw the truck from one of the local news stations parked outside the dining hall today, so we weren’t terribly surprised when a reporter approached us at the lunchtable.

We were surprised when she asked us if we’d seen “The Bachelor”.

Friend 1: “Uh, I’ve HEARD of it…”
Me: “The movie? With Chris O’Donnel? It sucked.”
Friend 2: “No, the TV show. I’ve heard of it too…”
Friend 3: “Me too, but I’ve never seen it.”
Friend 4: “Me either.”

So the reporter went to try her luck somewhere else.

I guess it must be a freaking slow news day if they sent someone down to get footage of the opinions of college students on some show I’d never even heard of before.

Yes, we’re actually wasting the tape recording this thing.

I think he’ll pick Amanda but won’t propose.

I hope that’s over a few days. If not, get back to work! :smiley:


We have a winner!!!

After watching the second half of the special, and then the finale (yes, I had to watch Friends too) I was glad he chose Amanda. They seemed to laugh alot when they were together. It’s so hard to tell what really went on, because they manipulate our take on the dates with the way they edit the show. He could have had fun with Shannon too, but then they only showed you the tough parts of the dates. Who knows? Alex and Amanda were incredibly guarded on Good Morning America this morning too, so I still don’t feel like I know if they actually like each other or not.

I think it was telling that during the special when they asked the other women who they wanted him to choose, only one said Trista.

Ooh…so what happened on GMA this morning? I was going to tape it but the power went out before I went to sleep and couldn’t set up the vcr.

Oh, and I’m never trusting the way the edit shows ever again.

Alex and Amanda were there talking to Diane Sawyer. They’ve been in touch with each other but they haven’t been able to see each other since the taping (two months ago) with the exception of a few weekends together. They actually still seemed pretty happy with the way things went (of course that’s partly just how Amanda is). I wouldn’t be surprised if they do end up getting hitched at some point, although it could go either way.

Trista was also on the show but in a different room and the three of them never met in person (they only watched each other on TV). She seemed to have a rpetty health attitude about the whole thing, altough she claimed that she really did like him and by the end of the show she wasn’t just in it to win.