Headset issue (reversed sound)

I have a USB logitech h390 headset, and it works fine except that the sound comes out of it reversed.

I would wear it backwards, but it is uncomfortable and not made to fit that way. There are no software or driver downloads available for me to download.

My two questions are:

Are there any ways I can reverse the sound again myself?
If it is a setting on my computer doing this, where would I look?

Thanks (:

Can anyone enlighten me on this?

I just tried myself and it is reversed as well. “Configure Sound Device” doesn’t have any way to reverse it (I’m using Vista). The built-in speakers work right, but the line out is reversed. I don’t use headphones but speakers, so just reversing the speakers or the wires works for me. I realize this won’t work for awkward headphones, but I don’t see any other way to do it.

I have not played around with USB headphones, but I assume from the USB connector to the headset speakers, they must be just regular stereo cables, aren’t they? Could you cut the stereo cables and reconnect them to the opposite cables?

No need to cut or disconnect wires, just pop the speakers out and switch them to the opposite sides of the headset.

No, no, no–it is much simpler than that. He just has the USB plugged in backwards. What he needs to do is turn it around and plug it in again. Sometimes you need to really push to get it in there; do not be afraid to use some force. :smiley:

Problem is, the wires run through the top. Switching the wires on the plug would be easier, I think.

You could also use a piece of software like Matrix Mixer to do this. It’s designed to help with mixing a 2-speaker source into surround sound, but you can use the same features to map the entire left speaker channel to the right speaker and vice versa. The usage portion of the page actually describes how to do that as an example.

However, I must point out that I’ve never used this piece of software before, so I haven’t tested it. It sounds like it would work, though.

How did it even occur to you that the sound was reversed? What kinds of things are you listening to that it really makes a difference?

Just flip it through the fourth dimension.

I dont know when I first noticed the swap. I remember hearing sounds and being confused why they didn’t match what I was watching a few times, but I chalked that up to just misinterpreting what I heard. It certainly became evident though once I installed call of duty 1 (old games… heh) and started hearing people sneak up to kill me on the right, only to have them be on the left.

I think his monitor is backwards.

(and on a serious note - there used to be ‘test tones’ that audio cards/software had to confirm speaker positions)

have you tried reversing the polarity?

Have you tried with another set of headphones to see if the problem lies with the computer or not? Are you plugged into the right jack on your computer? Are you running it with surround sound?

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