Reverse stereo?

I recently downloaded VLC player and was checking out the options. Under Audio and audio channels was “reverse stereo.” I know it’s self-explanatory of what it does, but why would such an option be available in the first place?

if when someone created a recording when they switched the channels (presume accidentally) then you could reverse them to be correct.

If your speakers are, for some reason, positioned backwards.

Mine were, for a long time, since the input went into the left, then on to the right, but, because of where the computer was, I had to have the left speaker on the right, and the right on the left. Meaning that, without that option, the channels would be, functionally, reversed.

It’s for left-handed people.

It’s for people who like to face away from the computer when listening to music.

This is GQ, ya’ll need to be serious. The obvious answer is that it is our Australian friends.

I have the same problem. There’s no setting in the OS to reverse the speaker output. Nothing in the sound card options. A lot of software players don’t seem to have this setting. (I didn’t find it in WMP or GOM) So without it, the only other choice is to alter the wires. Either cut it apart and solder it backward, or buy a cable extension (along with an F-F adapter to get the plugs right) and have the speaker wire cross back on itself.

And for left-handed people whose speakers are positioned backwards, who like to face away from the computer.

(But not in Australia.)

Also, Australian CD players spin the opposite direction because of the Coriolis force.

Strings on the left, horns and such on the right. If you are listening to an orchestral piece and you’ve set up the speakers exactly backwards, or if the particular disc is the wrong way, you can correct it with the flip of a switch.

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Doesn’t that produce satanic incantations?